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Old 10-16-2006, 12:59 PM
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Originally Posted by Doberluv View Post
Why don't I get the mod for this particular forum to move this one post to the behavior forum. We can't make duplicates. I think you'll get more responses that way. How much dog to dog socializing has she had? What breed is she? Have you started her in an obedience group class? I think I'd try to talk with a trainer. And one who is up to date with training methods which use the science of learning, one who has a very good reputation and it would be nice to find one affiliated with APDT, but that does not guarantee a good trainer. Ask around. Dr2little belongs and she may be able to steer you right. At any rate, some kind of desensatization process will probably be needed. Its a rather long process and takes a lot of work. But punishing aggression, saying "no" to a growling dog is not advisable. You end up supressing the behavior but it back fires often later on and in a big way. This needs to be worked through systematically. Over the Internet, without seeing exactly what is transpiring, it is difficult to give very accurate advice.
Thanx Doberluv. Chicki is a shepherd. She has been with her mom her litter mates, 3 and the other two adults. I have not done anything with her other than ball play, and structured modifications off leash. She does real good.

There are a few other trainers here in our area, although many of them are from the old school. HARSH HARSH TRAINING> I do not want to do that with her at all. So since she is such a fire ball with attitude, I felt that this was the best place to go for the advise. I do not want to do anything to break her spirit, although know she needs to curb this attitude. She has a great out look on life when she is on her own, but when it comes to the down and dirty. Well she is quick to the draw. She will gp along way as long as I get her redirected with a positive rather than a negitive. This one sure is tough. I have never had an issue of this sort in all my yrs in dogs! I appreciate all and any needed assistance with this one.
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Old 10-16-2006, 04:13 PM
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Well I just came home from the vets, we had a discussion about Chikira's attitude. We both agreed that I should take her to a trainer in the area that specializes in this behavior. That this is not an area that should be let go. So I will be contacting the trainer shortly.

I will keep you all informed of how it goes and what type of training he does. This should be interesting. Like I said I have worked with many dogs in the past and not a one have had this hard of a dog aggressive temp.

There for I will take your advise, and my vets advise at this time. It is true, when you say: If you do not know, how to deal with a particular issue, be big enough to admidt it. So yeah were be off to the dog trainers in a day or so. Thanx again Doberluv
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