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Old 08-14-2004, 04:45 AM
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Default Removing Dew Claws


I just happened across this message board when doing a search on "dew claws" on Google. We adopted a 14 week old Rat Terrier puppy from a rescue almost a month ago. I am guessing that she was a puppy from a "back-yard" breeder, since her tail was docked to absolutely nothing, you can't even call what is left a "nub" :-( All of her siblings were sold to a pet store, but they wouldn't take our Holly. She was born with the umbilical cord wrapped around one of her hind legs, and still favored this leg when the puppies were sold, so the pet store wouldn't take her... and she was given to the rescue. The rescue organization that had her was wonderful, and she now has 98% use of this leg. The sad thing is, neither the breeder (if you can call them that!) nor the rescue organization (even though poor Holly was spayed at 12 weeks, as a rescue policy) bothered to have her dew claws (only front legs had them) removed.

Our Holly is the most wonderful puppy, and has been through SO much already in her very short 4 month life! On her first visit to our vet after we adopted her, I asked if having dew claws would be a problem for her, and was told no. Well, tonight while at the off-leash dog park, Holly was playing with her best friend, a Doxie and got one of the dew claws on her front leg caught in Spanky's collar and almost RIPPED it totally off! Rat Terriers have both Italian Greyhound, and Whippet blood in their line. Our Holly acts very much like an Italian Greyhound... throwing her front legs out with a proud little prance! It is so obvious to me that Holly is ALWAYS going to be very "busy" with her 2 front legs... and having dew claws is NOT going to work for her!

Just wanted to put in my 2 cents on this subject! Both the breeder... that didn't think a thing about whacking off Holly's TAIL to nothing... and a rescue that put out the money out to have her spayed at 12 weeks, and for only a few dollars more could have had her dew claws removed... but didn't!

It breaks my heart to have to put Holly through having her dew claws removed at 4 months... but I can see this is going to be a big problem for her if we don't.. and want to take care of this before she is any older! We have a 2 1/2 year old JRT, and we bought her from a reputable breeder, with her dew claw removed. I have NO doubt at all that our JRT would be having the same problem if she still had dew claws!

So... for those that think all the "natural" is best. I would agree... if I had to make a choice... I would love to have a "full tail" when so many breeds are docked! I would love to see the happiness & joy my dog is feeling... instead of nothing!! Having the dew claws that are SO not needed... and can end up become a painful problem over a dog's whole life, that could have been taken care of as a small puppy... I have a BIG problem with that!

Karen Goodale
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