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Old 04-24-2005, 03:23 AM
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Default Horses

I wanted to share my greatest moment of clarity with horses. One of those moments when all that training comes together (for me not the horse)

I was taking reining classes which is SO much fun. It's like the dressage of western riding and you get to relax and have a loose rein. It was really a wonderful experience.

I'd been in 4-H, Pony Club, Light Horse... plus in training for several years so it was all about heels down, chin up, get the horses head in the right position... blah blah. I was quite sick of it which is one of the reasons I was taking the class then and one of the reasons I want to get into endurance riding now.

Anyway, this trainer would drive down every couple of weeks and give us classes. Even MY trainer would be in it cuz she'd never done much reining.

So, reining is all about circles and lines. And smaller circles and bigger circles and lines and sliding stops... and it's my turn. Sahara will do a nice slow lope (canter) but she won't drop down into that rocking horse lope which is what we were looking for. I keep pulling her back and doing more circles and the trainer says drop your reins, sit back and ride it out. And so I do. And she surges forward rips around the arena for a minute. And then she starts to slow down. All I have to do is keep her in that gait. And she gets slower and when it's smooth enough to be able to sit back and nice and deep in the saddle I do and BOOM just what we were looking for. A nice, loose-reined rocking horse lope. It was one of the most wonderful moments. I was positively giddy. After that I saw things so much clearer.
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Old 04-24-2005, 08:36 AM
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I loooove those moments!!!! I've had a few actually! The first one that I can remember was with Meynall, he was an ex Racer and MENTAL!!! One day my instructor Robert said we were going to be jumping!! Meynall had jumped out of the arena with me on him the last time (the fence was over 5'0) So I was understandably a little nervous!!
So we started off warming up on the flat, and unusually Meynall was listening and doing a good job! Then Robert start putting the jumps up, Meynall started Jogging up and down on the spot, kinda like a piaffe but really going for it!! And I thought "Here we go!! I'm outta here in 5 seconds!!" But he stopped, and I stroked his neck and told him it would be ok, so we took off for the first jump and he popped over it like an angel!! He even stopped on the other side which was totally unheard off!! I was soooo proud of him!! It just sort of clicked into place! Everyone else was gobsmacked!
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Old 04-24-2005, 02:11 PM
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im like that when i get through to my horses when im training them for either pleasure or barrel. its such fun training them i have to many stories tho but they definatly have a mind of their own
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