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Old 04-22-2005, 10:05 PM
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Default Tosser and the Popular Girl

As most of you know Tosser was my very first dog of my own when I was a teen. He was the lead dog for my first team and everything. Tosser was more then a sled dog he was also my bestfriend slept in my best sat with me at the bus stop in the morning was there in the afternoon. My dad often said i was ruining him but he was still winning races so i guess i was right and still am to this day with how i raise my dogs.

Anyways when I was in highschool i was far from popular and i was far from unpopular I was scary. I hung out with the goth crowd yet i loved animals and was a musher...go figure. As many of you know I went through two suicides in my group of friends and i suffer from severe depression which i am medicated for now but wasent then. Tosser was my one TRUE friend my confidont i could be the REAL Scarlette with Tosser.

Most people were afraid of me I was a fighter that no one expected. I seemed so skinny and gangly but i had muscle from working the dogs. There was one girl though Kelly who was far from afraid of me. I wasent proud of people being afraid of me im rather the passefist but they always threw the first punch. Kelly always made fun of me and I frustraighted her because i paid absolutly no attention to her.

One day I was walking Tosser in Town with a few of my friends. Eventually my friends had to go home and it was getting late so Tosser and I were going to head for my car. All of a sudden Kelly came out from around the corner on her own. Kelly was alittle weird she was a cheerleader but was really big on the drugs just very few people knew. Anyways she popped out and was all "lets do this now and get it over with". I started to back off not wanting to fight but she charged me like a mad bull hit me real hard in the stomach. All of a sudden two guys come out from behind the same building as her. They started to kick me and say some pretty cary things of what they were going to do to me. I was starting to black out when I heard a growl and it did'nt register in my mind at the time that it Tosser.

All i know is suddenly the kicking, punching, and slapping stopped and all i heard were screams and snarls and yelps. I passed out not long after that. When I awoke i awoke to Tosser lay lay to me with his head resting on my back whining. It hurt to breath (the ended up breaking 6 of my ribs) but I got up a bloody mess and got in the car went home and cleaned up and looked over Tosser. He had a nasty gash on his snout. Needless to say i ended up in the hospital and Tosser in the vet.

Kelly never even approached me after that night but i saw her when I finally went back to school and I noticed she had a large bandage around her hand i knew where she got it and could only smile. Tosser saved my life that night he head the scar on his his snout until the day he died this past year at the ripe old age of 15.

I think of him everyday day and always remember that with out Tosser I may not be talking to you today.

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