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Old 08-28-2006, 12:03 PM
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Originally Posted by Julie View Post
About the skateboard assertive.
Warn them to stay away from you.
Follow them home....tell their parents.
If they keep it up...... Carry a pocket full of field corn.
Now that would be a trip.

Just joking.

I guess I'm way too much of a town girl, but what would happen with the field corn?
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Old 08-28-2006, 03:33 PM
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Default ha!

It would make them lose control of the skate boards! I'm glad to hear that you are a responsible parent Julie--unfortunately most of the people in our subdivision are not.

Quite honestly I do not want anything to do with the crazies in our subdivision. I do not want to 'talk to the kids parents' or be concerned with their safety to the point of calling the cops--it's not my job.

I guess in the end I pretty much have to let Wrigley hate kids. I do not know any and neither does my husband....

It's sad as I would love for him to be friendly to our neice (who lives 5 hrs away)--but she's the only kid we know!
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Old 08-28-2006, 04:32 PM
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Ripley had issues with kids, too . . . He was fearful and unsure of them, and his reaction to that was to explode with a display of aggression. His aggression was not because he hated them, but because he wanted them to move away from him. Of course, he was reinforced for the aggression because every time he did that, the kid would run away. He learned that if he ever wanted someone to leave him alone, all he had to do was bark and snarl at them.

The thing that worked best with him was slow desensitization. I would bring him to a park or a place where there are a lot of kids, and keep him at a distance from them. I always had a friend with me when I did this, it was crucial to have someone "running interference" if a kid decided to make a sudden rush for Ripley. We found kids that we knew and had them walk towards Ripley. He could growl and snarl and look as vicious as he wanted to, the kid would simply stand still and ignore him. The moment he stopped the aggression, we had the kid walk away. Later, the kid would approach again, this time getting closer. Ripley growled, barked, etc. and was ignored, but the moment he stopped, the kid left. After enough repetitions of this, Ripley realized that barking and growling did nothing, but shutting up made the kid walk away. He switched tactics very quickly just a couple yaps and he'd stop, and the kid would leave.
We eventually built up the amount of time that he needed to be quiet and calm, in order to get the stranger/kid to walk away. Now we're up to about 5 minutes of totally in-your-face contact before the kid leaves. Ripley knows that if he stands and tolerates it, they will eventually go away. He doesn't need treats as reinforcement for his good behavior, because what he really wanted was to get the stranger or kid to go away. We no longer have to stage greetings, either! He will stand for brief petting from anyone, and has even tolerated a sneaky ear pull from a rotten little six-year-old.

This may not work for your pup, but it worked wonders with Ripley and I think it'd definitely be worth a shot!
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