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Old 08-16-2006, 08:12 AM
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Originally Posted by Elysium
And honestly not meant to be inflammatory:

why do pit bull owners seem like they want to breed their dog more often than other dog owners? In the South (and in the West too) there are a CRAP LOAD of pits/pit mixes in shelters that are going to end up being killed because, let's face it, no one wants these dogs. I wouldn't adopt a pitbull if it were the last dog in the shelter (and I have adopted several dogs). What's the deal? What makes your breed so special? Why not get them fixed? Not a lot of people want pits, seriously. Most lay people think they bite children and kill other dogs. I don't see bichon or lhaso apso owners breeding their dogs like wild fire (though, for some reason, Chi owners seem to want to propogate that tragic little breed, even though they have numerous behavioral problems). I would never dream of breeding my dog(s) because I have a conscience. I wonder what happens to everybody else?

[end rant]
I have to say that I agree 100% with what you are saying! Most pitbull owners and I say "most" not all *wink*are usually unfixed, intact, not N/S whenever I come across a pitbull owner. They want to breed them or keep them intact just because. Especially the male owners I come across. We are overloaded with pitbull and pitbull mixes in Boston and some of these dogs get fought in underground basements. You don't see many middle and upper class familys owning them either for they are usually what I refer to as the "ghetto dog" unfortunately. It is a shame and the ones I do see owned by middle to upper class familys are S/N ,well socialized, wonderful temperaments, and well taken care of. I'm not saying that to get flamed because I am from a middle class family and we have had pitbulls in the past rescued out of the MSPCA. Pitbulls are wonderful dogs and deserve a better reputation. These dogs suffer enough by the hands of neglectful and negligent owners and when it comes time for another dog a pitbull is high on the top of my list to rescue!
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