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Old 08-03-2006, 03:52 PM
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Default The cost of feeding raw

How much does it cost to feed a healthy raw diet?

Between Zeus and Voodoo, we are going through a $48 (with tax) bag of food every three weeks. I can't help but think that a good raw diet would be cheaper (or at least the same price!)
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Old 08-03-2006, 04:15 PM
DanL DanL is offline
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How good are your bargain hunting skills? Do you have a spare freezer to allow bulk purchases? That will help a lot as far as keeping the cost down.

We spend about 100 per month for 3 dogs. They weigh 85lbs, 60lbs and 25lbs. I think I figured out we use about 30-35lbs of food per week- Gunnar gets about 2 1/2-3 lbs per day, Midnite gets about 1 1/2lbs, and Bruzer about 3/4lb.

I try to buy stuff in bulk- cases of various chicken, large packs of pork shoulder, ribs, beef sirloin roasts, etc. I have a goal of 1 dollar per lb as my cost, so something more expensive like beef sirloin (about 1.80/lb) is offset by something cheap like chicken leg quarters (about .45/lb).

I'm not sure if you'll be paying less to feed raw, but to me it's worth a little extra expense to provide a better diet for them.
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Old 08-03-2006, 04:31 PM
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well I called around some butchers and found chicken for .69/lb and I bought 40 lbs (if the dog don't eat it we will). They have things like beef hearts, livers and stuff for about 1.39/lb. I figured a dog Hannah's size (she's about 55 lbs) gets a little under 1 1/2 lbs of food per day.
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Old 08-03-2006, 04:41 PM
weylyn weylyn is offline
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Last week there was a sale on ground beef at .99c/lb
I usually get 75lbs of whole, fresh chicken for .60-.70c/lb (I order by the case)
Beef kidneys for .69c/lb, beef liver for .99c/lb
Pork shoulders run 1.09/lb (plus I buy whatever's reduced for quick sale)
Rabbit and wild caught salmon are my two most expensive purchases, the salmon runs me $2.00/lb ATM and the rabbit can be as much as $2-4/lb, but I'm currently talking with a lady who might be able to sell me rabbit for $1.50/lb (whole, fur on, guts intact). I won't buy it for $4, that's just too much for me. I have to buy about 200+lbs of food a month to feed my crew.

That's just what I buy, though. Become friends with your butcher or local meat processor, buy in bulk, buy sales, buy stuff reduced for quick sale and (if there is one in your area) join a local raw food co-op. A friend of mine gets emu for $1/lb from her co-op...boy am I jealous. Never settle for prices, there's always something better out there. The "hunt" never ends
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Old 08-03-2006, 06:05 PM
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I spend roughly $30 a month, including some organic stuff (which usually is a little more expensive) and factored cost for supplements such as fish oil, coconut oil, vitamin E, probiotics and kelp powder.

My dog weighs 28 pounds and gets an average of 850 kcal per day, not including training treats. Calculated over 30 days that's about the equivalent of a 13.2 pound bag of Innova Evo (the second largest size), which would cost me about $23 including tax.

If I really made an effort, I could probably cut cost down even more, but I refuse to buy certain things, such as for example anything sold by Tyson.
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Old 08-03-2006, 06:31 PM
doberkim doberkim is offline
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i spend a lot more for just feeding one dog, but hes... ah... quite a dog

when iwas feeding bowie, bowie ate under 2 lbs a day - adding in another 0.5 lbs a day for the cats, and we averaged about 120-150 a month for food. i get chicken very cheap, but rabbit, lamb is UBER spendy, and beef and pork are in the middle. so it averages.

however, now ive got rah, who is eating 4-5 lbs a day on a LIGHT day. hes eating in 2 weeks what bowie ate in a month for most things (bowie total needed about 60 lbs a month - rah eats at least 30 lbs a week) - he typically gets a meal in the Am and PM, and then something more boney/frozen to chew on midday to keep him occupied. clearly, my costs for him are astronomical right now - and i still cant get the dog to weigh much more than 77 lbs. i dont even want to calculate what i spend on food for him a month.

im sure if i fed kibble it would be spendy, too...



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Old 08-04-2006, 10:34 AM
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I buy lots in bulk, have a huge freezer and it breaks down to about 30+ or - a few bucks every month per dog.
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