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Old 04-19-2005, 10:08 AM
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Default My tracking dog...

We went outside to grill yesterday, and Brady went outside with us too. When we cat outside we noticed there was a random cat in our backyard. We have a 6 foot privacy fence so it either hopped over (Liz's cat, Mr. Pants, does that sometimes to come and visit Brady) or it came under the fence. Brady of course goes to investigate and it hisses at him. So, we bring him inside. We go back outside, without Brady, to see the kitty and see if it can get out. It is very healthy looking so it was obviously someone's cat, and it talked back to me the way mine does when I talk to her.

So this Kitty proceeds to walk all the way around the yard but right next to the fence, as I guess cats can not make a dirtect path through the yard because there is not the protection of the fence to climb if it needs to. She could have gone the easy way to get out, as she was in the front of the back yard on the other side of the house, and the place under the fence where she can fit is on the front of the backyard on the opposite side. She proceeds to trace the fence ALL the way back to the back, across the back behind the shed, and up the back to the gate where she can get under. We have a big back yard too, so this took a while.

When she gets out, we let Brady back out, and using that superb sniffer of his, he tracks her exact path, in the exact direction, all the way to putting his nose under the door where she left through. It was so funny, and highly interesting to watch.
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