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Old 07-27-2006, 09:35 AM
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Unhappy Spaying Doubts?

Okay now since we found a low cost spaying program, I was like okay there's hope for this spaying thing. But now with the whole glacuoma thing, do you think I should wait until surgery is done before I spay? The vet said I should have the eye removal first. Didi had one pup from a previous owner, and one oops litter with me (had an unalter male). But with Pepe neutered, now I don't know if I want to anymore. Like someone mention on this forum, the whole losing her due to surgery scares me. She has seizures and is not on meds, and that always go through my mind. What if she has a seizure during the surgery. The vet says they could use a mild anthesia (sp?), but what if it wears off or something? Just soo many things scare me about the surgery. Same thing with her eye removal surgery, if it weren't for the fact that glaucoma sometimes causes headaches and migranes (sp?) I wouldn't do it. Now thinking about the chance of losing her through the spay surgery, its like I could lose her in the eye removal surgery too! She isn't around males besides Pepe (who's altered) when she's in heat. I have her inside, no dogs parks, ect. The only pros I could think of is no blood and high vet bills, but the con doesn't not overpower the pros...death. I rather pay some extra $ and buying doggie pads. I met an owner in the dog park who was beinging persuade on neutering his dog, but he lost a female during the procedure. I wouldn't fix my dog neither if I lost a dog to surgery. I need to have surgery on my feet (flat-feet) and I'm scared to death of ANY surgery PERIOD. How can I let go of my fear of surgery so I can finally do what's best for Didi?
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