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Old 04-17-2005, 10:26 AM
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Default living with ppl who are NAIVE about dogs! It's driving me nuts.

I'm just venting, so frustrated with how naive the rest of my family is about dogs. I'm going to be moving out soon and my doggie is one of the main reasons, i just need freedom from the naive comments in the house being made by them. I'm the only one in the family that has talked to a vet, gone to pet training classes, and researches online through these dog forums and still they still think they know more than me. He is a 9lb jack russel mix and They are telling me I need to be bathing him every single day, say i need to put flea medication on him every week, and I use frontline, it was 70 bux from the vet. They say it's impossible that the flea medication is still effective since i already bathed him, it's all washed off, but the vet told me specifically it was fine to bath him after 3 days. They want to throw him outside in the backyard where he'll get eaten up by mosquitos, but all at the same time, they want to play with him when it's convienient for them, but i'm the only one that takes on the responsibility for him. When he has an accident in the house, everyone runs away from the poop or pee likes it's toxic poison and yells at me or rubs it in my face. I wish they would just go do some research about dogs first before telling me how to take care of mine.

They dont even know what fleas look like, I wiped off some eye gunk from him when he was crying and they all jumped back "Oh my god, fleas, get him out of here!"
*(Shaking my head)
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