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Old 04-16-2005, 04:24 PM
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Default finally happened

Onyx ran into the yard and fought with mary. I thought it ok for her to sit on her porch since it is the weekend and man of the house was home. His little boy was standing a yard away screaming im sorry im sorry i didn't mean to let her out..Logan was screaming and crying too and my heart ran straight to panic when i saw him make a reach for Onyx..i told him NONONO LOGAN let me take care of it..i called Mary off and she minded me..and onyx backs off.i got this stupid sound i make.. a loud short a that for some reason works very well with startles them. I told Logan that i thought it wasn't a serious fight..more noise than anything, sent Mary inside..with Logan to give Aaron my paintbrush to rinse out. Then i took Onyx home. Victor in the meantime has been tied up on the porch..his ears hung down so low (his way of showing sadness) and he was frightened. Thank god it was Mary and not him. Mary is a big strong dog and could hold her own. I was relieved when i did a body swipe and found only spit. I had a long long talk with Logan about never reaching into a dog fight. I showed him where i had done just what he was about to do and my hand was nearly cleaved in half where the tooth went inbetween my second and third finger. He had tear tracks coated with dust on his face..i just wanted to hug him for it had frightened him and i absolutely understood. He had never seen a dog fight before. man of the house asked me if I knew why his dog does this..I am open for suggestions as to what to tell him. I noticed Victor washing Mary's ear and sure enough there are a couple punctures there, but nothing to deep and i will watch for signs of a hematoma. Logan came back and asked said that the man wanted to know if Mary was ok..that he offered to pay the vet bills if there were any and i told him to tell the man that Mary was ok..but he seriously needed to consider invisible fence..that if he wanted i would look up a few companies for him. So that is the story for today. I think Logan was the most hurt from the situation. I told him i had been thinking and later this month if he wanted to walk Victor for me a few times a week i would pay him..he said noooo i said yessss and if he wanted he could give the money to any dog charity he chooses. what a special young man. I wonder what he will be when he grows up..he said he wants to be a kennel man. I can't think of a better guy for the job. I know that he is Shaffer's hero and Onyx too..that Sharpeii he drug home and scratched himself up getting in the indifferent man's back yard don't know it yet..but he might have saved his life today as well.
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