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Old 07-30-2004, 05:10 AM
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Cool Saving Tarzan!

My Beagle, Farfel was about 10 (a very young acting 10) when I moved into an apartment when I was 19. He was a "scrapper" and was very dominant around some male dogs. A neighbor had a Yorkie, Tarzan, who was Farfel's main buddy, and he tolerated Tarzan jumping and chewing on him more than I ever thought was possible.

One day I was out on the porch, and Tarzan was out running around as usual, and all of a sudden, there's a huge Doberman, and he's grabbing Tarzan, and tossing him in the air, and shaking him, etc. Tarzan's owner starts screaming, and almost instantly, Farfel jumps over the wall of the porch ( I had no idea he could still jump that high) and heads for the Dobe, (who's about a hundred or so feet away) at max speed. He crashes into the Dobe and Tarzan gets dropped and the Dobe and Farfel go at it. Farfel was very devious and had fought with a lot of bigger dogs over the years and did one of his tricks he liked to use. After the first contact, he rolled over and the Dobe mistakenly thought he was surrendering. He sniffed Farfel's rear and then sniffed his way up to his face in that "I'm boss" way. That was a huge mistake. Farfel grabbed him by the lip and when he pulled back, Farfel got up on two legs and wrapped his amazingly strong front legs around his neck and starts chewing on the Dobe's face. The Dobe wants to go home, and is panicky, trying to get Farfel off his face. The whole time this is happening, Tarzan is laying there, looking like he's dead. I'm running over and about the time I get there, the Dobe's owner is coming around the corner. I don't know if the sight of his 90+ pound Dobermann getting mauled by my 40 pound Beagle or seeing Tarzan lying there shook him up more.

We finally got them apart, and Farfel wants more. The Dobe is terrified and shakes like a leaf in a strong wind. The Dobe's owner can't believe that a trained attack dog like him could lose to a 40 pound beagle.

For the next nine months, until I moved, the Dobe would roll over on his back as soon as he saw Farfel, who would chew (not bite) on the poor Dobe. The Dobe's owner did the same thing every time, he would shake his head and look embarrassed.

Tarzan was ok, just banged up a little, and was kind of a head case for a few days. I took care of him for a couple of days once and Farfel actually slept with him, and that made me shake my head.

Farfel dropped dead about two years later, without any warning. It was better than having to put him down due to illness, I've had to do that 4 times now, and I hate it.
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