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Old 07-10-2006, 06:04 PM
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Default Dog only eating human foods

Once I let my dogs taste human foods (Roasted chicken with rice), they got hook, and refused to eat their own. I have tried to switch to different types of dog food, but have not succeeded in finding one that they like. I wonder if they'd get enough nutrition from eating human food?, and how can I teach them to eat dog food again. (I tried to feed them dog food only, but they'd starved themselves rather than touching the bowl. At the end of two days, I gave in, and feed them human food again
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Old 07-10-2006, 06:08 PM
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Add bits and pieces of cooked chicken with their kibble.

If your dog is healthy, he/she will not starve themself to death. You need to be firm and let them know that dog food is all they're getting from here on.

You can feed them home cooked meals as well.... but you need to do some research to get the correct vit/minerals in their meals.... giving them chicken and rice every day is very unhealthy with out the "other" proper nutrients.
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Old 07-10-2006, 06:23 PM
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I do use really good, premade food, but i just have hard time accepting that our food won't have enough nutrition for dogs... I know, them's flaming words... but please be gentle!
it just seems, common sense would say, that if it's good enough for my family, a dog, who eats rotten cat poop for fun,and old dead grass,and moldy cheese would be just fine on a diet of leftover meat and veggies. Dogs survived nicely for eons without packaged foods,and I honestly think that if a person wants the time and expense of feeding a dog like that, there's no harm!
Ok, like I said, I do use good food in a bag, but I also know that a lot of times, people feed their dogs better quality foods than they feed themselves! Like, they eat at mcdonalds for lunch every day, but doggie gets bagged stuff...or, if the bag stuff is garbage, a piece of real chicken is better for doggie!
Proud puppy mama, learning something new every day! Tinks page...
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Old 07-10-2006, 06:29 PM
PoodleMommy PoodleMommy is offline
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I had the same problem.

We mixed little bits of people food in the dog food for a few days also because we could not stand to see the dog starve.
Slowly, remove the human food a little at a time and the dog will start to eat the dog food.
We tried every food and it took us a long time to get her to eat something.
Canned Food works best for us, she only gets kibble once in awhile.

Every once in awhile we will mix up a homecooked meal for her, chicken, potatoes, carrots, egg... or something. But only for one meal. This will not sustain them in the long run, but it can be okay as a treat as long as they will go back to eating their food at the next meal.

Good Luck

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Old 07-10-2006, 06:44 PM
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I agree with the above.
You have to try and slowly wean them over if they refuse to eat just the dog food.
I too give Bailey our Roast Dinner on a Sunday as a treat........but only the 1 meal in the evening

Thanks BP
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Old 07-11-2006, 12:53 AM
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Honestly, there's nothing wrong with a home prepared diet for your dogs, as long as you're dedicated to doing it PROPERLY and making sure it's suitable (with the proper nutrients etc.) for them.

There are several different resources available for homecooked (though many feel raw is better) diets for dogs. Do your research, and if you feel you can do it, you may never need to switch your dogs onto "dog food" again!

But be careful, as feeding human scraps and meals willy nilly can lead to serious nutritional imbalances and problems.
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