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Old 06-28-2006, 10:39 PM
Cheryl Turner Cheryl Turner is offline
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Question Dog Food

I have a small dog Baby Girl weighs about 6 pounds she is about 3 years old
I had her about 6 months she is a wonderful dog I had to take her to the vet because she was sick throwing up and diahrrea well it was from table food so she does not get table food anymore but it about kills you when she is looking up at you like she is saying please just a little bit. My question is, is it only meat that makes them sick like that because that what the vet said made her sick. And why do dog eat grass I have notice her from time to time eating grass I always heard that was a sign that they were sick?
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Old 06-28-2006, 11:18 PM
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I fed raw meat for years. It isn't meat in and of itself that makes them sick.

I've seen dogs eat grass because they're still hungry, because they don't feel good, and honestly I've seen a couple do it for lack of anything better to do while they're sunbathing.
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Old 06-29-2006, 12:28 AM
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My guys eat grass all the time. They've never been sick from it. I've heard that it means they're lacking something in their diet. I've heard like summit said that it's a habit. And I've heard they do it to calm their stomach's and clear out their digestive tract.


As for meat, meat doesn't settle well with Roxy either. She'll puke within five minutes of eating steak, pork, hot dogs, sausages etc. But she's fine with ham. It's very odd I know but I think some dogs just can't handle certain types of food when their prepared a certain way. Like fresh meat. So Roxy doesn't get meat, and she is perfectly healthy.
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Old 06-29-2006, 01:29 AM
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My dogs view grass as an all you can eat salad bar. They graze like cattle sometimes, it's funny to watch. My grandmother always told me that dogs only ate grass when it was going to rain. I don't know how valid that is, but it's neat anyway.

As far as the meat goes, it's like Roxy and summitview said. Some dogs can eat it just fine, some dogs can't tolerate prepared meat well. Mine love beef, Aubrey will throw up pheasant and Sawyer doesn't much care for liver.
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Old 06-29-2006, 11:27 AM
good_dog good_dog is offline
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Some dogs, if fed lots of rich table foods, develop pancreatitis. It sounds to me as if this is what's going on with your baby. If so, she needs a very bland diet until she's better, and you'll need to be careful with her diet even after she's recovered. Your vet should be able to give you a list of foods that are ok, as well as things to avoid.

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Old 06-30-2006, 08:40 PM
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You definitely need more answers from your Vet! Is she allergic to a certain type of meat (some pups have allergies to chicken or beef)? Is the meat you're feeding her bland, or covered in sauce/grilled/basted? My dogs get raw meats every day and never vomit, so it isn't just "meat" that does this to all dogs. If that was the case, 40 years ago, before dog food, dogs would not have survived!

<3 Erica, Gonzo & Fozzie
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