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Old 04-09-2005, 05:06 PM
Bradster Bradster is offline
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Talking bed fight!

ok, so, my lhasa always tries to take my spot on the bed. i always wake up in the night and have to get something to eat. so the other day i woke up and quietly left the room trying not to wake her up. stupid idea. as soon as i got to the door i looked back and she had this innocent look on her face, and where was she? on my pillow... grrr, so i went to miove her over, and she grabbed the pillow in her teeth and took it away, it was hilarious. she didnt take it away while i was there, but she was taking it to her basket, dog bed thing. so when i came back like 10 minutes later, she was gone, with my pillow!, i had closed the door, but somehow, it was cracked to the size of a certain fat, snowball like dog. hmmmm *puts on sherlock holmes hat and grabs magnifying glass* "its a mystery gang!" i went into the bathroom next to my room, no dog, no pillow, i went into the guest room, but i had to crawl around in the dark, because my parents room is made with windows, and if one light in the house goes on, they wake up, and if you wake them up at 230 am, oh crap. so here i am crawling around on the floor, when my cat starts meowing in my face, and rubbing me and bothering me, and i want to go back to sleep, but i need my pillow, and if i leave the dog out alone in the middle of the night, she ... does things to living room furniture. so i snuck around my parents room and she wasnt there either, i looked ALL over the house, in every room, and finally i got sick of it and went upstairs. and whose on my bed? guess. right there, in my spot, sitting on my pillow. there she is. i looked all over for 45 minutes, and she snuck back in here, i got really mad, since i had to crawl around trying to not wake up my parents, and i went freakin dog! really loud. and then i heard BRADLEY SHUT UP AND GO TO BED!!!

and then the dog gave me that stupid overbite grin

gotta love em'.
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