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Old 06-19-2006, 10:22 PM
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Parvo was new when I had a litter.... luckily with the info I got and was able to pass on, I've never had a problem. I do hope every area posts on parvo outbreaks.... Too many people don't treat young pups ... and this is one area that can mutate into very serious circumstances. I think the main area to watch are the BYBs .... thus the pups sold at pet stores. When they say they've had all their shots... are these they do or a vet ? NEVER buy a pup without a vet certification !
A light for all who are crossing dark times.
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Old 02-17-2007, 08:04 PM
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Default There is another option

We adopted a recuse puppy on Monday and she didn't eat after we brought her home. We took her to the vet on Wednesday, 2/14/07. They ran a bunch of tests and she came back positive for parvo.

I called the guy we got her from to tell him because she was with other puppies and he said to stay in touch and he would be in touch with his vet.

We immediately started treatment with the vet. We paid $200 the first day, $60 the second and were told she was doing great and they wanted her back for observation the next day and it would be about $60, that was Friday.

We called 3 times on Friday and were continuously told they would call us back but that she was doing great. We finally received a call back on Friday at 4 p.m. and were told that she was failing and that they wanted to put a catheter in her and she needed to stay at a hospital overnight and they would continue treatment the next day. They were not sure of the overnight stay cost because they didn't offer it, but their cost would be a minimum of $600. And their was a slim chance that she would survive.

We were not financially ready to handle this, we have pet insurance on our other puppy and they wouldn't sell it to us on her because of the parvo. And we didn't want her to suffer so we asked about putting her down if we couldn't get ahold of her previous owner. They told us that they didn't do that. We would have to sign her over to them.

So we picked her up and soon after received a call from her previous owner. He said that you can treat parvo at home! It is as simple as Pedialite (as much as you can get in them) every three hours for four days and by that time they are either going to survive it or not.

We started the Pedialite last night and this morning she woke us up yelping (which was the first time since the first night we brought her home). I took her outside and after she went to the bathroom she start to play with me, she was running around and being very active. We have continued the Pedialite and will continue it until Monday just to be on the safe side.

We have been keeping her in the kitchen until we can get her boostered and the carpets steam cleaned, except we bring her out wrapped in a towel to lay on the couch with us and watch tv and such. She does not like the kitchen, she stands at the baby gate and yelps and howls until we come get her, which lasts about 5-10 minutes and then she curls up in our laps and rests.

She went outside with our other dog today and she was playing with her and teasing her and seems to have a lot of life in her.

She was sniffing our donuts this morning so we thought that she might be hungry so we took her in the kitchen and brought out the food that the vet recommended, and she wouldn't eat it. So then we brought out some of the Diamond Puppy food that the previous owner gave us and she gobbled it up.

She has not thrown up since we brought her home from the vet last night and has had just a little diarrhea today. I am trying not to get my hopes up, but I think we are on the road to recovery.

Our vet gave us their way or no way and the previous owner and his vet gave us another option and it allowed us another chance with her. We love her so much. There were a lot of tears yesterday and a lot of smiles and sighs of relief today.

So just so that you know, there are other options out there!
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Old 02-17-2007, 08:13 PM
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We live in an area where vet care is not anyones priority. So our shelter regularly gets puppies that not only have never seen a vet, their mothers have never seen a vet or been vaccinated. So getting parvo positive puppies is common, usually about a week after their shot. Our survival rate seems to hover about 40-50%. It is a hearbreaking disease.
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Old 03-02-2007, 12:19 AM
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Default shots or no shots

Hello everyone parvo is very scary but I have been told by a few breeders and some vets who are more into alternative medicine that you should get the basic shots for your puppy when they are young and keep up always with the rabies. They do however always say that shots every year are not necessary and not good for your dogs. I've been told that it is best that after their first shots their body will then build up the antibodies it needs and giving them boosters every year just breaks down the immune to the diseases.
What does everyone else think?
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Old 03-02-2007, 12:22 AM
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There are a handful on here that give the puppy shots and then do yearly titers to ensure immunity levels are being kept up. I'm going this route this year; the last thing I want to do is over-vaccinate.
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Old 03-02-2007, 02:49 AM
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Because Whiskey is allergic to all vacs I am too Zoom. Also looking into the non preserved vacs. It may be the mercury in them not sure but being as how he has worse time each time I am going this way.
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Old 07-02-2007, 02:35 PM
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Thanks for the info. Apparentley today we took our puppy Chico to vet to get his deworming pill. There was another guy with two puppies who were sick. Vet gave us the deworming pill and told us to go home immediately because those two puppies have Parvovirus Gastroenteritis. They had been sick since Friday.This is scary stuff. Chico had his second dose of vaccines and will get his other dose on the 20th of July. I hope he does not get any of the symptoms. Should we keep an eye on Chico to see if he gets the symptoms of Parvovirus Gastroenteritis? Should we be too worried about him?
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Old 09-06-2007, 08:47 PM
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I hate to scare you, but after a visit at the vet always watch your dogs for a few days. They can pick up lots of germs. As far as regular vax, even the vets are starting to get away from yearly dhpp's after about 3 years of age. ( d.. stands for Distemper, H.. Hepatitis, P.. Parvoviris and the final P.. Parainfluenza.

Kind of up to you, but unless you take your dogs out of the yard a lot or you yourself come into contact with lots of dogs, after 3 years of age I only get the rabies vax.
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Old 09-11-2007, 10:50 PM
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Default PARVOVIRUS - Puppy Death

Hello Everyone,

We just wanted to share our experience with you in hope that we can prevent or help anyone whose puppy contracts the Parvovirus.

We purchase our Olde English Bulldogge (11 weeks old, 11 pounds) on Wednesday September 5th/07, that Friday he started to look sick. I called the Vet and asked them if there was anything I could do, and gave them the symptoms he was showing at that time. They had us rush him over and examined him on the spot. We where told it could be a cold or stress from bringing him home and to see how he did over night and bring him back to the vet. From 6pm that friday to 11 pm he drastically declined (he could not keep food or water down) vomiting and diareah (he looked really sick). We rushed him over to the Emergency Hospital and they tested him for the Parvovirus (It came back positive). He was immediatly taken into ICU for agressive treatment. He fought really hard for Four days until he got fluild into his lungs. His heart rate was around 240, you could not touch him from the amount of pain he was in. So he would not suffer anymore we decided it was the best thing for him to put him down. As painfull as it was to do this we know it was the best thing for him, and the reality was this Virus got the best of him. We caught early but this Virus is not something to joke about. Watching how fast it him and how drastically he declined we want to make people aware of what can happen and to have there puppies tested ASAP. Also to let you know 4 days in ICU cost us $3000. CAD it is not cheap.

He gave us 2 1/2 days of joy, and in return we gave him love and all we could do to try to save him.

Corona - June 17 2007 - September 11 2007. LOVE YOU & MISS YOU
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Old 09-19-2007, 07:42 PM
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Thanks for this great informational post.

I am concerned for my dog. I live in a big city and our only option is to take him on the street in dirt or bushed areas where tons of other dogs poop and pee, as we have no yard. He loves to sniff other dog's poo and I am always concerned. Can he get it from this he is 20 weeks. I think he has either kennel cough or distemper or a series of both. Now I am concerned abtou this as his immune system is obviously not strong.
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