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Old 04-07-2005, 12:53 PM
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Default Kittens

Did a short run with each team EARLY this morning since its not too bad out as it was the dogs like going back to work and so did I. So their all outside playing in the pasture right now its a nice comfortable day and no one wanting to miss out on it so their haveing a grand old time out there.

Since there are no dogs in the house I decided to open up the bedroom door where Signat and her kittens were being kept. The bedroom in upstairs so i did'nt expect them to come down the stairs but Signat shot right down those stairs and went to inspecting the entire house lol. She then met Arora and Sidney for the first time. She kinda froze when she saw them but when Sidney did'nt do anything and Arora came up to rub against her i think she knew there was no threat. I was so busy watching these three bond that it shocked me when i heard this *bump bump bump* and then anouther *bump bump bump* I turned around to see Twist (the black kitten) and Servie (the Calico) both on the floor at the bottom of the stairs happily trotting up to their mum wanting to nurse. i then looked up to see Tang (all orange kitten) and Brambant (orange and white kitten) run out of the bedroom to the top of the stairs looking down at their brothers getting food and them not. Still being young i did'nt want them trying their hand or paw at the stairs like their brothers so i went up and got them and put them down.

At first I was really worried about losing a kitten but their into their mum and these two other big cats they never saw before. Lol Tang even tried to nurse off Sidney but she gave him a swat and a growl and he kinda backed off. Right now all 7 felines are laying on the couch and chair. Arora is soaking up having kittens in the house and their very interested in her. Signat still seems alittle nervouse of Arora and Sidney but I know Arora would'nt hurt a fly and Sidney would rather walk away then hurt someone or fight. I mean don't get me wrong Sidney is extremly friendly and good natured she's just very old (going on 10 in sept) and grumpy and if she's pushed she'll push back. Arora is old as well not as old as Sidney but she's getting up there but I think she's just a 9 week old kitten trapped in a 7 year old cats body lol. I think it should all go well and be a lot less stressful for them all when its just Signat and Servie (yes im keeping that one I have decided) and the others are off to their new homes which will be in a few weeks.

I do love having them around though and I love their little mews lol.

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