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Old 04-06-2005, 07:15 PM
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Default How we came to have Gustav!

Well it all began in March 2003, Martin and I had been living in France for 4 months by this point (we were renting a house in Gironde, much further south than we are now!) and Martin had promised me that we'd get a dog as soon as we were settled. I had been watching Crufts on the T.V and so started bugging him even more, so finally he gave in and said that we could go to the rescue center and have a look. I knew that we would be coming home with a dog as Martin is a big softy!!! So we turned up at the rescue center and the lady said what sort of dog are you looking for? And I said something Labrador sized, but I didn't mind what sort of dog it was. She took us down to the end of a row of dogs and there was this beautiful Labrador sitting there. He was obviously a pedigree and well looked after, his nails were perfect and he had the look if someones pet about him! So we said we'll take him! And the lady said we'd have to wait two weeks as they were obliged to see if anyone came forward to claim him, she thought that this would be likely as did we as he was such a nice dog!
He was claimed! I was dissapointed but thought oh well he obviously wasn't the dog for us!
I continued to say how nice it would be to have a dog etc. etc. at every opportunity, and one morning Martin went off, and when he came back he said he'd found the perfect dog! But we had to wait two weeks till all his paperwork came through and he'd been tattooed! I said to him, what sort of dog is he? and Martin said hard to describe! So that was that! I asked him how he'd chosen this dog and he said, he rushed up to the cage when Martin approched and licked his hand and that was it Martin was in love!
Two weeks passed (it seemed like a lifetime especially as I hadn't even seen the dog yet!) and one morning we got a phone call and Martin went off to get him. I waited anxiously for them to get back.
And then there he was, Gustav! I fell in love with him instantly and he hasn't left my side for more than a few hours since that day!
He used to howl if I shut him out of the bathroom! He was like a shadow for months!! He followed me everywhere incase I left him!
Gustav had come from Belgium, all his paperwork had to be transported and verified that's why we had the two week wait! He'd just been abandoned! Apparently alot of people do it, come over on holiday or to work and the rented houses don't accept pets so they just dump them!

So that's the story of Gustav! (Oh he came with the name by the way incase you're wondering!!) Personally I think Alfie suits him better, but Gus he is!!
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