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Old 04-04-2005, 12:51 PM
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I want 2 b a dog 4 a day
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Well this may be completely pathetic, but I was looking through a catalog one day that had nothing but dog stuff. Well, since I have 3 dogs and they all LOVE to sleep on my bed, with me and my boyfriend... that doesn't work too well. Jasmine is about 30 lbs, Katy is almost 60, and Maggie, well she's only about 13. But still too crowded. So I saw these beds... they look like day beds. They have mattresses on them and the frame and everything. Well I got one BIG one to begin with, but that wasn't big enough for all three of them. So I got another big one. They LOVED the beds, and they were fairly inexpensive for being as nice as they were. Well, I was having my friend dogsit for me while I was on vacation during christmas. Never again will that happen.... somehow the beds ended up 'missing' and she has no idea how. Hmm.... seems to me like she took them and gave them to her mom who happened to want them. Grrrr what people think they have the right to do. Also, I told her that Maggie would need combed through every single day-she's a lhasa apso so she will get matted fur. It was quite obvious that she didn't do what I asked once. I couldn't get my fingers through Maggie's hair at all. I had to get her a puppy cut since the matting was so bad. Friends....
Ashley *Jasmine, Katy, and Maggie*
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Old 04-04-2005, 02:30 PM
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Big Mutts
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Doesn't sound like a very good frien, don't mean to offend you.
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Old 04-04-2005, 04:05 PM
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Hmmm . . . Alysse . . . I wonder how quickly those beds would have turned up if you had told her you were going to call the police to come and investigate a burglary! Maybe you should call her mother and ask how she is enjoying the beds!

I've got some designs for dog beds roughed out, and I should have a source for the visco memory foam that those expensive mattresses are made out of, so hopefully one of these days soon I'll have some good dog beds available at a reasonable price! (By the way, you're paying for a national advertising campaign, not the mattress with the big name brand of those mattresses - Charley's found a couple of lines that manufacture their mattresses from the same visco, from the same source, in the exact densities as the expensive ones that retail for $2500-$4000 - and he can sell them for $750 - so whatever you do, DON'T spend all that money when you can get the same thing for much, much less - I hate thinking my friends are getting taken advantage of )
Well, lol, that was my consumer tip for the day!
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Old 04-04-2005, 04:29 PM
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I dream of those...i want one so bad but am afraid if i do ever get one i will never want to get up!!! The only good thing i learned about sleeping on the floor (when my children were small and we were starting over again that was my bed) is that it is a relief in the morning to get up. Even when you fold three comforters..that floor is still hard and cold and makes you stiff. I don't think a lot of people realize just how hard that is on a dog and not natural either. I use to cry everytime i passed this dog at a car dealership..i called and left notes too but never saw the situation change...a dog with no where to lay/lie (someone tell me which is right..i have forgotten) down on nothing but concrete all night in the was so inhumane and he just howled. That is one service i really hate.the dogs that are trained to be aggresive and then released into business at night for protection. I call it DISPOSE A DOG..they make them mean and when the get "off work" the are chained to a military dog house. i think of dogs in that situation, and in puppy mills as slaves. it is wrong. At least a herding dog, or police dog has respect and good treatment.
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