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Old 05-12-2006, 10:14 PM
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Originally Posted by IliamnasQuest
Sorry to hear your dog got cut - nipples are unfortunately easy to cut because they stick out and yet hide enough in the hair to not always see them easily.

Just a word of advice, though, in case something similar happens again. When your dog gets a little nick like that, and you make a huge fuss over her, you are showing her that she SHOULD be upset. Dogs learn from their owners. When they get a little scared and then the owners rush in to hug on them and pet them and reassure them, it just makes the whole event a huge thing in their minds.

Most likely, if you had not fussed over her at that point and just told her "you'll be okay" and not held her and petted her, she would have put no importance on it other than it hurt a bit. But now she may very well be more scared the next time she goes to a groomers because her owner reinforced that being scared was the right thing to do.

It's hard not to act reassuring at times like that, but in all honesty it just makes things worse.

You may want to start working on her now to get her accustomed to at least having scissors use on her. I'd take the scissors and some good treats, maybe snip them right near her (not actually cutting the fur) and then give her a treat - and maybe progress to the point where you actually trim a tiny bit of hair. A good dog will learn to lay quietly when groomed and clipped. This should be taught by the owner.

If she just has a scratch on her nipple it should heal fine as long as it's kept clean and dry. I wouldn't put anything on it unless you absolutely have to - she will probably just lick it off anyway.

Good luck -

Melanie and the gang in Alaska
Thank you for that post! I have nicked a dog before. And you all know I love them! It just happens sometimes. Yes, you should take a breather and let the dog recoup from being cut a little. But don't get overly mad at the groomer. Dogs are wiggly and usually don't like being shaved. But, if a groomer shows no remorse at all over the accident, drop them like a rock.
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