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Old 03-31-2005, 04:46 PM
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Sadie (Cocker) = named after a friend's cat that pass away and was the same exact colors, fully black with the white down the chest. Also just simply adored the name.

Nora (Westie) She took a few days to name. I wanted something Scottish or Irish. My oldest daughter came up with the name from a local (I think local) Band and it stuck. Took a while though. Alot of people wondered why I would name her such a weird name?? which I didn't really understand.

Fagan (Domestic Handsome 'fella' Cat) - Oliver Twist ! (I know I spelt it differently..... wanted some originality) He was just a sneaker from day one. Would hide behind corners and jump out at your ankles. LOL

Reagan (Umbrella Cockatoo) Pres. Reagan. Seemed fitting since he passed just a month before and fits him to a T.

Benjamin (Russian Turtle) Well, he just looks like a Benjamin, Benji, Benny.

Spencer, RIP, (Lhasa Apso) He just had this spnecer look to him. Sandy colored with a dark face.
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Old 03-31-2005, 07:35 PM
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Originally Posted by bubbatd
How far do you want me to go back ?? Rufus and Penny with help of the children and their red/copper color. Roxanna (Roxie) a vote, Bushwacker (Bush) is a trout fly husband wanted fly names and I refused RatfaceMcdoogle !!! Cinnamon Bear (Bear) color and he looked like a bear cub....I.B.Nice ( I.B) was named after my Mom's initials as she help me buy her, Bubba was born during the NCAA tournment and all the pups had names of the teams....he was to be Bobby for I.U., but daughter Amy was just married to her Bob.....when he was born he came in at 1/2 # more than any other pup and everyone one said "WOW that's a Bubba " ....Chip's registered name was Chip of Bubba , so when he came back to me I kept it. My first golden in 1949 was prenamed by the sire's of the first goldens in Canada,Lorelei's Golden Point ..Point. He was out of Rip...the 1st golden in the hall of fame. They all lived long lives , so in 50 plus years it doesn't seem like alot of's the first time I've been down to only one, so I was (and am) blessed.
And out of I.B.'s litter to a wonderful sire came my baby Eli (who just passed in January). Those litter puppies were born on Yom Kippur and they all got Jewish litter names. Eli's litter name was actually Sheldon, but I named him Elijah (or just Eli), once I picked him out as mine. He was the best dog in the whole wild world...
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Old 03-31-2005, 08:07 PM
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Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!! My granddog was the best!!
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Old 03-31-2005, 10:31 PM
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Blondie has a girl's name but he's a boy (don't let him know this, or he's going to hate me! ) We had the puppy for about 2 hours and everybody came visiting and asked, what are you going to name the puppy? And we didn't know, it was such a big question! And then because he had very blond ears when he was that little, my mother wanted to name him "Machito" which means "Little Blond" in Spanish but I didn't want him to have such a name because "Machito" also means something like "Little Male" and that was a no-no! So Blondie he became. Besides, when we started saying that word, Hey Blondie!! Blondie!! He started swinging his tail and looking so happy - he definitely liked it!! At least it's not "Lazy" because that's what the breeder called him
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