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Old 07-10-2004, 08:46 PM
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Default Stubborn Dachsund...HELP!!

I got my female when she was 8 weeks old and raised her around my other 2 dogs, a yorkie(11yrs) and a shihtzu(5yrs) ...both female also. Skyler is now 3yrs old and is the biggest trouble maker in the house, if she sees that the shihtzu is playing with something then she goes to take it away from her and then the fights start. I have gotten to the point where I don't get in the middle of it anymore because I could get bit. Anyways this morning Skyler ( dachsund) and my shihtzu got into a fight over a piece of paper on the floor so my husband got in the middle of it and was trying to get ahold of Skyler because she was tearing into my shihtzu and Skyler ran under my chair and my hubby went to go yank her up, yea he got mad!!! And Skyler lunged at him and bit him on the thumb and he yanked her up and threw her out the back door ( we have a fenced yard) This is a problem with toys and anything laying around the house that they feel they can play with, including their food!

Barking......This is a huge problem, Skyler barks at even us when we come down the hall and it is a loud shrill bark that goes right through your ears, its plain annoying, if someone comes over our house , even if she has seen them 1million times she will bark her head off at them, I always end up putting her in her room when people come over to visit because it is plain embarressing to have her bark so loud at them the entire time they are visiting. I tried a bark collar and it had no effect on her , it was the kind that gives off a noise that is suppose to be sensitive to dogs ears, yea right not Skylers ears, that was a waste of money, I thought about a shock collar but I think those are honestly too cruel so I am open for suggestions because if I could break these 2 habbits I could live comfortably with Skyler but otherwise she will need to go live somewhere else because our nerves are about shot
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