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Old 03-27-2005, 11:15 AM
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Default Soaking Wet

Lets just say i have had a very eventful morning. I have to leave for my parents Easter dinner here in a couple hours and I decided I would give the Pitties and Pakak a bath so they would look nice on their visit to their grandparents . So since this is the dogs and mine day off from working i did'nt wake up until around 8 (havent done that in awhile lol). Made and fed everyone breakfast and then went and got myself a shower and then when i was down with mine i ran some water for the begining of the dogs baths. I figured I would just sponge bath Babe due to her stitches so she went first. So all went well really and she just wagged her tail and licked my face every once in awhile. When i was done she was back to her white color except for her dirst stained paws.

So next was Pakak he has had a bath before when he was smaller and he actually behaved then. So i brought him in and bent down and lifted him up and god is he heavy!!! He kinda looked down at the water and started flailing his legs but I got him in there with a nice splash lol. I gave him a treat once he was in there but it was kinda like him in the car he was pacing back and forth. I was getting sprayed and splashed and after a good amount of Pakak running in the tub I got him all soaped up and rinsed, blow dried, and brushed.

Then I brought in Tundra who's actually not too bad when getting a bath. Pretty much as long as i have warm water, lot of treats, and lots of praise she has no problem sitting still in the tub. She does shake ALOT though in the tub and what a way to soak the entire bathroom. So she and i finnished up and I prepared for the inevetable.......Zeus lol.

When i finally found Zeus he was laying on the couch rolled in a little ball not wagging his tail at all and his ears back. Im telling ya this dog definatly always knows when he's gett a bath. It took ALOT of coaxing/pulling/carrying him to even get into the bathroom. And once we were in there and i shut the door all hell broke loose lol. He ran all aroudn the bathroom barking and crying and clawing at the door. I evntually got him in the tub and omg it was like giving the Taz Manian Devil a bath!!! He was running around in the tub also trying to jump out trying to climb out OVER me. FINALLY an HOUR AND A HALPH later I was done with Zeus completely sicne he always despises being dried and brushed .

So luckily I got right back into my pajamas when I got out of the shower earlier this morning because I could ring them out when i was down with the dogs . Atleast i smell good though I bath them in baby shampoo so its not like i stink like dog shampoo. Just thought I would share how my morning has gone so far its been a fun one.

Once again have a
Happy Easter!!!
and more importantly
Happy first day of spring!!!

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