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Old 12-03-2003, 11:14 AM
corey1998 corey1998 is offline
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Default treck, the dorkiest dog around!

Hiya, my name's corey and my homepage is It's all about me. I have 2 alsations, max (h8 that name!) and treck. Treck looks like a dork, and well, he is! for example i can sing rockabyebaby to him and he falls asleep on my lap, and if im sitting down and he walkes past me if i stick my foot out he trips over! I've got a photo of him dressed up while he's asleep with a cardboard box as a hat, plastic party cups for shoes and a couple of rags as a duevet cover, but i can't find where to submit it. (it's one of those sites that take you round in circles! oh well, now.. Max. he's different, he is well trained by me and i can make him on command:


chase and attack people. (that's because he's a guard dog as my mum and dad own a electrical shop) so what i done is use one of those thick arm things. (he's ripped a hole in it though.) and it's about 5 inches thick.

bark at people

he can sit, lay down, and stay. (so far his record for staying is when i was at a park i managed to walk 50 metres away from him but i couldn't be bothered to walk any further. )

if he is barking or attacking someone i can make him stop immediatly (obviosly i use proper alsation training shields.)

but he only is aggresive if i command him to (mainly for emergancy's)

if my friend comes round i ask him to hide somwhere and max seeks him out. (i can also do that with any other object by putting it to his nose, and then he goes and tryes to find a matching smell. I've taught him to find induavidual smells so say my dad loses the keys or something i just say to max: "find keys" and off he goes.

anyway he's 5 yrs old, and we bought him for 300 (that's actually very cheap for an alsation, most are from 500 - 800 and when he passes away i don't know what i'll do. (i've already suffered from the deaths of: A pet pig, two horses (my mum's) a kestrel, and 8 other alsations.

so long, your friend across the pond,

Corey bye the way pllllleeesssseee visit my website: and sign my guestbook.

i made it all by myself, started it when i was six, and now im ten.
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