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Old 03-18-2005, 11:53 AM
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No...people should always control and watch their dogs. I don't for a second like to think of someone's poor pup being shot....but it is a sad fact around here that people loose chickens...and they are as important to them as our dogs are to us. Nobody should ever allow their dog to is a sad fact of life that they can be hurt..or worse. When a dog roams on to someone else's property.....there is a risk, and that person has a right to protect what is theirs. So, I can't really blame them............just gotta keep my pups at home at all times! But, that is my responsibility.
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Old 03-18-2005, 01:40 PM
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Originally Posted by CrazyDiego
Oh my goodness! I was sitting here at the computer this morning and I had Diego tied outside where I could see him from the window. (Normal morning routine) I could hear Diegoís tags jingling on his collar so I figured he was playing in the snow. Now I am not sure if that is what happened. All of a sudden I hear Diego made the loudest and most meanest puppy bark I have ever heard a puppy make! Then I look out the window to find a big brown dog had to be 100lbs. or more standing on my porch! When I opened the door, he ran off. I know the dog, he is nothing but trouble, and they let him run all over this small town! I had to clam Diego down. Every hair all the way up his spine was sticking up and I mean strait up! My puppy is only about 15 weeks old I didnít think they learned this behavior so early. I am guess he was just scared so he defended himself. So many people in this town just let their dogs "run". They always go back home but they dig up people's trash and everything else. Itís just a pain in the you know what. Proud of my pup though... because when I looked out the window before I opened the door... that big 100lb. dog look a little cautious of my little 15lb. pup! hehe......that sure was one mean bark...

If I was to complain about these people letting their dogs just run who would I complain too? Most of the time the dog wont come back again twice in the same day but its just really irritating!

I really was ready to protect my baby... I swear if that dog would have bit or hurt him in anyway... i would have hurt him ...grrrr....
Hi there - I kind of have a 1st hand at this. I work at my local County Administrative Offices. This is were our Dog Warden is employeed. Now that is a whole other story that has it's ups and downs but back to the problem at hand, I'll try not to get into too much specifics plus it's not the same everywhere, but generally it's similar. We get dog calls all the time, stray, complaints on neighbors, abuse, neglect, etc. When it's someone who calls in on a neighbor we try to get as much info as possible and then go talk to the owner of the dog. Lots of times callers don't want to give their name and # but for their sake (to help them more) I try to get it out of them. We can always keep it confidential if they request it. Now it depends on where the county & town limits are as to how it is handled also. Here, the county doesn't have leash laws (yes that means that you can let your dog run free if you want-also has it's ups & downs) however, if it's in the town limits sometimes they have leash laws & sometimes they don't. If you live in an area that does then the dog owner is required to have their dog "controlled" at all times (not running loose). If it's running loose the owner can be fined (or worse) or it can be picked up as a stray (our AW is pretty leinient on that though).

My suggestion is to call your local government agency and find out how to get ahold of your animal warden. Speak to one of them (we only have one AW but other places have up to.....well a lot more than us) and tell them what is going on and see if he has any legal right to make the owner keep it up. If not he may be able to at least go and talk to the owner on your behalf...sometimes it works & sometimes it doesn't (and keep you confidential of course/at your request).... Make sure you explain to him that this dog is a TERRIBLE NUISSANCE and a THREAT TO YOUR ANIMAL(S) and possibly YOU (very imp-may get more done). If it gets too serious, like it really does hurt you or your dog, then you can probably go to your local magistrates office and take out a warrant against the dog owner. (That's the "nice" way to handle it anyway lol). I have like a ton of info on this if you want to know more - kind of area specific but like I said, it's pretty much similar all over. Feel free to PM me if you want to know more - that goes for anyone too...

hope it helps
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