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Old 03-17-2005, 11:30 PM
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Default Smokey Bear

I got Smokey when I was 10, he was a peek-a-poo. He was just mine. I went to a friend's b-day party right after we got him and my Mama had to come get me b/c he had gotten undre the house. My mama and daddy called and called before I came but he wouldn't come out. All I did was call him once and there he was. I had to have him put to sleep in Jan. he was 15. He couldn't see anymore and was losing control of his bladder. I'd have to pick him up and carry him outside as soon as he woke up. He'd walk in circles until he bumped into the wall and then walk along it until he got where he wanted. It got to the point that I would just carry him to his food and water every day.I had a hard time deciding to do it and kept putting it off. Finally I knew it was time he was just not himself anymore, now I finally realize that he hadn't been for quite a while. My regular vet said he doesn't allow people in the back to be with the dog during, so I took Smokey somewhere else. He was always there for me I knew I wanted to be there for him. I talked to him about why I was doing it, out in my mom's yard on the swing. I told him it was for the best and he would be happy again. And that he could run and play and eat again.(His teeth were pretty bad) And that my grandpa who loved little dogs would be there and pet him. I held him all the way there and cried. My husband went back with me when it was time. The vet told me people always sat they'll just go to sleep one day but that doesn't happen and that he trusts me to make his decision for him and it was right. I had cried so much throughout the day all I could do was sob, I had no tears left. My husband held me. I had been afraid I wouldn't be able to touch him after, but I could. I carried him out to the car wrapped in his blanket and held him all the way back to mom's. I wanted him buried there b/c I know they won't be moving I couldn't stand the thought of leaving him in someone's backyard if we moved. After we buried him I was pushing my young daughter in the swing and she said doggy. The other two dogs were not where she could see them. If my daughter says she sees something she does, she's never wrong. I asked her where the doggy was and she pointed to the sky. At first I couldn't understand why she didn't call him by his name and then realized she wouldn't know what he looked like when he was young. She's asked for him a couple more times but I know she saw him that first time. I miss him but I know he's better now. I love you Smokey Bubba Bear!!
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