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Old 03-15-2005, 03:17 PM
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Default Feral Stray

This morning while out on my runs i saw something i havent seen in awhile alittle stray dog. Right when he saw us he ran in the opposite direction and i did'nt think much about him other then I wasent sure how he could be out here there are miles between my and my neighbors and none have a dog like this one. He's mediam sized with long red ratty hair. Well around lunch time the dog showed up again i saw him from a distance watching me carry out the feed pails. I walked up closer to the woods and called to him be he took off like a deer or a rabbit. He has alot of hair but i can tell he's very skinny. I havent seen him since but i called my towns animal shelter to tell them theres a stray running around and that I think it may be feral. After I described him to them they said they had had other calls about him and no one could catch him or could'nt find him she said they had been hearing stories about dogs matching his description for going on three months. They said someone would come out and look for him later but if he did'nt find him to be careful. She told me he wasent friendly he hadent hurt anyone but he was extremly afraid of people and also he's a theif and will steal any food he can find.

Someone from the shelter came over here an hour ago looked all over my property and did'nt see the dog. he said he would check around my neigbors property too. I found out he's quite the pest and has even killed chickens. So im wondering I have called three other shelters who said they could'nt help me any more then the shelter who is already helping out. So im just wondering if there are any other options I don't want him starving to death or being shot for merely trying to survive. But i don't want him spreading disease if he has any or stealing from my farm or attacking my animals or my neices or nephews is he ran into them. I don't know what to do if he shows up again theres not much i can do he's a fast little bugger. And i really don't want to feed him and coax him into trusting me because if he IS sick I can't have him around my dogs bo matter how badly I feel. Any advice would be great. I know i probley won't see him again the man who came to try and catch him said the dog never stayed in one place too long but still.....

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