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Old 03-06-2005, 04:36 PM
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Default Saying goodbye to Hope

Hope my mums dog passed a couple months ago of old age and my mum is still going through the grief process. And she called me this morning crying saying she found Hopes old sock in the back and started crying. She even had me shaken and i figured it would be fitting to give Hope the tribute she deserved.

Hope was brought into our life when i was young and my mum really needed a companion on those lonely days in the house because you see she had broken her leg in the barn and so she could'nt get out much. But one day my dad came in from a day of work on the run and said his friend Jim had been out and said his Lapphund had some pups and that since we had sold him many a good Husky pup in the past he was willing to repay us with a Lapphund puppy. My dad wasent interested at first and then thought of my mum and decided he would take him up on the offer. And so at nine weeks old Hope arrived jet black and too cute.

My mum absolutly loved Hope and treated her like a princess. Hope needed alot of excercise and so helped my mum with her physical therapy getting up and around. Hope was hard to train but once she was she never forgot my mum taught Hope to take things to my dad and to get her leash and basic obedience. My mum also liked to garden and since Hope was always a constant source of energy my mum rigged the plant wagon with an old unused young dog harness and took months to train to teach Hope to even wear the darn thing but by next spring my mum had Hope trained to pull the light plant wagon behind her.

Hope took on the form of a sister to me and a third daughter to my mum. She was her shadow and her constant companion even out on the dog run Hope would follow my mum out there. Hope was my friend as well i loved to run my fingers through her thick thick black fur and found her to make a great pillow trust me there are pics. Hope died at the ripe old age of 16 three years longer then her breed orignal life expectancy I think she wanted to be with my mum as long as possible and enjoy one more summer by the garden sunning herself.

My mum has made great progress with the loss of Hope and having Brutis her toy Poodle who was bought years ago to be here for my mum just for this occassion has helped alot. Brutis loved Hope too and I think he even misses her. I was called the day Hope died my mum was all the phone with me crying hard and telling me she woke up this morning and Hope was dead in her basket. I had to make a special trip out there to bury Hope and say good bye. Hope was special she was meant to bring my mum out of a dark place to get her to walk again and she did she was a challenge and i think my mum needed that my mum needed and still needs Hope.

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