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Old 03-03-2005, 03:55 PM
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Default Mean ol' Meowna!

SOOO funny! I was sitting in the living room late last night, and my crazy critters made me laugh so hard I woke up my hubby! We have a large box that we put all of the dog toys in. If the box is on its side, toystore is open; upright, it is closed. Last night Meowna, full of malicious intent, crawled into the box, burrowed in among the stuffed animals and half chewed treats, put his eyeballs on dim and waited patiently for over an hour. Minmei went to get a toy and SWIPE! Meowna gets her with his patented "Hundred hand sticker slap" That was not enough, though. he waits patiently until Dingo goes for a toy then gets her, too. Now the dogs are thinking "man, we gotta do something about this!" Dingo goes over to the kitty tree and starts biting and growling at it, and of course here comes Meowna with criminal intent! The second he clears the box, Minmei attacks. So I have Dingo running for her life followed by Meowna trying to hamstring her followed by Minmei biting Meownas tail, everybodys legs just a going like eggbeaters and scrabbling through the house like the Kentucky derby. That's entertainment! By the way, my critters all sleep together and share food, etc, so no one was in any danger, they were just playing. Meowna can be a real boob, though. Our dog Boy used to love being outside, and would spend a lot of time in his dog house chewing bones or watching the world go by. Meowna staged a hostile takeover of fort Boy one day, systematically removing all of the toys, he even dragged the pad out. The little tyrant then clawed the hell out of the doorway, sprayed eau de tomcat all over it and sat inside with legs tucked under as cute as could be. Poor Boy would not go into his house at all after that. We built him a new one and damned if Meowna didn't do the same thing! Four houses later we built a doghouse for meowna, too and that seemed to do the trick. He even lays on the top of it like the dogs do sometimes. Psycho kitty!
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