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Old 08-27-2014, 09:31 PM
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Originally Posted by milos_mommy View Post
Jules, I felt the same way. Even though Lillian was unplanned and I hadn't tried, after 2 miscarriages and with endometriosis it seemed unreal. I didn't tell anyone until I was like 5 months pregnant. I refused to buy baby things until around 7 or 8 months.
Originally Posted by Taqroy View Post
(((((hugs))))) That would be so so hard. Have you considered talking to someone? I went to a therapist after miscarrying and I honestly think she saved my marriage. Pregnancy is hard and the hormones and feelings around all of it (including prior losses or infertility issues) make it infinitely more difficult.

If it helps though - I didn't have any cravings either. Have you felt the baby moving yet? That's when it got real for me (and then real annoying as she spent a good majority of her time crammed inside my rib cage having a dance party).
Originally Posted by ~Jessie~ View Post
I completely understand. I had a hard time being confident about my pregnancy as well. In the beginning, I told myself I'd be comfortable once I hit 12 weeks... then once I hit 12 weeks I still wasn't, so I thought by 20 weeks I'd definitely be comfortable, and once I hit that I was still nervous about potential loss... and I was nervous up until I delivered. I always felt like being "more" pregnant would make me less fearful- I wish that I stopped and enjoyed my entire pregnancy because I LOVED being pregnant besides fearing the tiny tiny chance of something potentially going wrong.

I guess I felt that it was such a fluke that I was actually pregnant and it wasn't going to last. I had a chemical pregnancy in the past, so I went through the excitement of getting a positive result and then having it go away.

Even when we decorated her nursery when I was 8 months along, I still couldn't shake the feeling. I felt the more stuff I bought or did would make the pain of a loss even higher because then it would be more "real."

So... my advice would be to try to relax and realize the chance of everything going smoothly is WAY WAY WAY higher than something going wrong. You've already made it 19 weeks and there's no reason that you won't have a beautiful baby at the end. The worrying really takes away from the enjoyment of the moment.

Thank you guys for your responses and sorry for not replying sooner. I just had to take an internet break for a bit and it definitely helped. It just felt like the rug was going to be ripped away from underneath me for so long... I was an anxious mess.

So.. here I am today, almost at 21 weeks. We had our anatomy scan today and everything checks out perfectly fine. We're having a little boy

Admittedly, I had gender disappointment for about an hour, but I am perfectly fine now. Now it's time to think about some boys name... we already found the perfect girl name... well, now we have to put our thinking caps back on.

I am just glad that he (ha, it's so weird to be able to think in a gender now) is healthy. Now it's time to shop! Ha!
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