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Old 06-24-2014, 05:24 PM
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Originally Posted by ACooper View Post
I can't speak for everyone here, but I'm willing to bet many of us would feel horrible for YOU, not blame you, and I'd be appalled if there were criminal charges against you.

Why? Because you have a pattern of good, loving, responsible dog least what we know of you. I know you would be punishing yourself enough to not need outside help with it.

I could not say that about every chazzer I've known........there have been some I would have automatically assumed it was more irresponsible behavior to the list.

Same with parents I know, or the picture that is painted of them.

Even if I did feel there were things you could have done differently or possible irresponsible choices that helped lead to it...there would still have to be more for me to support any criminal charges.

A person putting their dog in their car to drop off at daycare and somehow forgetting....getting to work all the while thinking the dog is at daycare...arriving at daycare to pick the dog up and then realizing what I dont support charges at all!

That is way different from a person running a bunch of errands and choosing to leave the dog in a car and not making sure they were safe.

Even if people are upset or think there is blame (which yes, of course technically there is is technically their fault!) the issue I have is then adding criminal charges. What is the point? What is the punishment for? Its not a deterrent as the situation is not something anyone goes into thinking is going to happen. In a negligence situation where there is a pattern or stacking of issues, yes, charges may make people stop and think before they start that ball rolling (drinking to the passing out stage while in charge of children, etc)
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