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Old 05-27-2014, 08:13 PM
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Smile The Leather Shoppe is now accepting orders! :)

So as stated in my prior thread, there are 4 collars and 1 leash for Sale at a very discounted rate. Please keep in mind that these are going to be tester collars, so they are sold "as is." There are 2 decorated(spots) and 2 name collars(stamped and painted) avail as well as the 1 leash. Please respond to this thread with which one you want. The first people to respond will get the open spots. Hybrid collars are also avail (name and spots) and they will count for whichever category is still open(ie there can be 1 hybrid, 1 name, 2 decorated or 2 hybrid, 1 name, 1 decorated, etc).

Prices: I decided to just to use set prices bc I don't feel like counting pennies... especially when I'm not actually getting paid to count pennies.
bigger than 18 inch neck in 3/4-1 is $30 plus shipping
12-18 inch neck size in 3/4-1 is $25 plus
under 12 in 3/4-1 is $20 plus
under 12 1/2 is $15 plus
1.5 inch is an extra $5
Shipping is $5.80
Tappering is avail at no additional charge
Brass Martingales are avail at $20 in 1 inch and 3/4 inch
Leash is $15 plus, $18 plus for the large 3/4th snap

Buckle Sizes avail are 1/2, 3/4, 1, 1.5

Hardware is all Solid Brass except I do have nickle plated solid brass round spot available. Fasteners are Chicago Screws with Red Loctite.

Leather is brown or black latigo (10-12oz), brown bridle or natural skirting (8-10oz)

Variegated Gems - 1/2" Solid Brass- Denim

Variegated Gems - 1/2" Solid Brass- Jade

Variegated Gems - 1/2" Solid Brass- Tiger Eye

Variegated Gems - 1/2" Solid Brass- Bone

Variegated Gems - 1/2" Solid Brass- Cranberry

Flat Head Spot - 3/8" Solid Brass

Flat Head Spot - 1/4" Solid Brass (Not pictured on the anvil but it is on the sample collar)

Pyramid Spot - 3/8" Solid Brass

Pyramid Spot - 1/4" Solid Brass

Round Head Spot - 1/4" Solid Brass

Round Head Spot - 3/8" Solid Brass

Round Head Spot - 3/8" Solid Brass with Nickel Plate

Mounted Acrylic Faceted Stones - 7MM (5/16") Solid Brass- ABAB

Mounted Acrylic Faceted Stones - 11MM (1/2") Solid Brass- Green

Custom spots, conchos, or paints are avail for the additional cost of getting the smallest package needed for your collar to me to make it. Websites you can go through are here:
Spots & Conchos

I plan to cut straps this weekend and order a few things, so I thought I'd put this up early in case anyone wants to order some custom pieces. I am stating an at your door delivery of 2-3 weeks from payment... but I plan on having everything in the mail by June 9th. For these collars payment must be made by Saturday May 31st. If payment is not recieved by then the place will go to the next person in line who stated the type of collar you requested.

I will also be selling sale collars through my etsy store. These collars will come with a warrenty and will be priced as follows:
bigger than 18 inch neck in 3/4-1 is $45 plus shipping
12-18 inch neck size in 3/4-1 is $40 plus
under 12 in 3/4-1 is $35 plus
under 12 1/2 is $30 plus
1.5 inch is an extra $5
Shipping is $5.80
Tappering is avail at no additional charge

These ones will have the same options as posted in here EXCEPT that the acrylic rhinestones will be avail in any color, but I'm only going to order colors requested. The sale is going to run through the end of June. The thing with this sale is that you have the choice of waiting the month for me to get feedback from the testers or having me send it right away. As far as how the sale is going to work... tell me what you want by the end of June, I will make an etsy posting for your specific order and then by July 9th you will have to purchase the collar in order to get the discount. These collars will have a 4-6 weeks from payment delivery but I will try to get them to you as soon as possible. The collars will then all increase by $15 after this sale.

I only had so much $ to order supplies, but by the end of the summer I am hoping to have the following additions:
- 2 inch Buckles
- Nickle Hardware
- Agitation Style
- Black Bridle and Tan Latigo
- Full Leather Limited Slips

I am also selling Crate Tags for $20 until the end of June and then $25 after, these are unlimited.

And I need names for my shop! So any suggestions? I was thinking Blue Lynx Leather Shoppe? What do you think? I don't want "collars" in the title, because I am hoping to branch out into horse tack and such after a while.

Disclaimers: These are all handmade... from cutting the straps to putting in the designs, as such things may not be 100% completely straight or spaced as if done by a machine. I really do try my hardest to get everything perfect, but it doesn't always work out for me. If it will really bother you that things aren't 100% perfect aesthetically speaking... my collars may not be the best choice.

I also have patterns that I bought from Tandy and I will do any linear designs you want or patterns that you come up with... but please do not ask me to copy a design (like the swirly ones) that is obviously created by someone else. Not only will I say no, but just asking would make me a Sad Panda.

Now, on to my pictures... The hardware(except the screw photo), paint, and stamps are all manufacturer photos. Also, I suck at photos and photoshop... so I appologise in advance.

Leather Colors Avail:

Tandy Patterns:

Chain Martingale avail in 1inch and 3/4, additional $20

Leashes, avail in 2 types of braiding

Crate Tags

Spots Avail


More Sample Pictures Below

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