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Old 05-02-2014, 10:58 PM
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Originally Posted by SpaceMutt View Post
Anything and everything #sorrynotsorry. Anything the vet recommends, I ask why they recommend it, and if their explanation is sound to me, I go ahead and do it. I don't think I've said no to something yet after the explanation. I trust my vet more than I trust the internet.
While I 100% agree that trusting your vet over the internet is *usually* always the better choice, I would hope any current vet is not giving yearly vaccines still. Over-vaccination isn't just some internet hogwash. There is LOTS of sound research and proof. Of course you don't want the pendulum to sway too far the other way either. Under-vaccination is of course an issue as well.

In AAHA 2011 it mentions every 5 years as acceptable. But AAHA did not set every 3 years in stone. It was a compromise, as most vets wouldn't have done the leap from annual to every 5 years right off the bat. But my friends hospital has switched to every 5 years.

Since 5 years is still a random compromise (but a very safe one)... hopefully some might get brave and do it every 7-9 based on the studies. Hopefully vets will start to be open to doing it less often. But I do get that some people just... won't take their dogs to the vet at ALL if they're not due for vaccines, so in that case? I'd rather the dog see the vet.

I just think there is so much evidence that every three years is still too often.

I understand that it's still not in some vets comfort levels to do it less often, and I understand that, but right now minimum Duration of Immunity is 7 years.

My vets have never said anything to me. I got him his rabies shot when it was due and they asked if I was getting any others, I simply said no thanks and that was that. I have no immediate plans to vaccinate him again, besides rabies, but I suppose we'll see. If I ever did DHP again within the next few years, it would be the last time in his lifetime for sure.

I think things like lepto and bordatella just need to be taken on a case-by-case basis and totally dependent on environment. But I can't give lepto again after Jackson's reaction the first time, so it's a non-issue for me anyway.
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Old 05-02-2014, 11:12 PM
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Ella gets rabies and distemper vaccines every year. Rabies at the time of annual checkup, distemper a few weeks later. Whilst she has never bit anyone outside the family, I consider her a bite risk and she's vaccinated for rabies for her protection. Being out and about in the bush means she gets distemper vaccine, too.

There is no 3 years rabies vaccine for ferrets that I'm comfortable giving.

Nacho doesn't get vaccinated, due to age and health concerns.

Renegade wasn't vaccinated, after an anaphylactic reaction to distemper vaccine.

Harley was vaccinated for both rabies and distemper, to be able to do therapy visits.

Rosey didn't get vaccinated, unless she was going to groomers them she got rabies and distemper. She wasn't a bite risk, and her age/unknown family history made me wary of vaccines.

Basically, I vaccine depending on what my vet and I decide is needed for each individual animal.
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