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Old 03-16-2014, 05:27 PM
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Default Skye's Eye Woes

Skye has had sort of an ongoing eye thing. Now hear me about this. A few years ago, I vaccinated for rabies, and her eyes got like this immediately afterwards. It subsided after a few weeks. I vaccinated again the next year, and it got like this immediately, again, and then subsided. And then I vaccinated a third year (and now have a three year vaccine), they swelled up like this, and it sort of hasn't gone away completely since. They have better and worse times but they don't look good at all lately.

I've mentioned it to the vet before, she didn't think it was anything too concerning, just light irritation. But the last month or so they are draining a lot, really quite swollen, and her tail is losing hair. I took her back a few weeks ago specifically for the eyes, and the relief vet saw her. She did a tear stain test, a corneal scratch test, both were fine. Noted that when she flipped up the eyelid the membranes were quite irritated. Sent me off with some ointment for 10 days and said it was just generic allergies, and she will need probably need the ointment on and off for life. She felt 100% sure that Skye is chewing her tail (I disagreed, but the vet was sure she was doing it when I'm not around). She did her anal glands and thought that was why she was chewing her tail.

So..we did the ointment, and her eyes are just worse than ever. Sometimes you look at her and it's just dark drainage maybe as much as 4" down the face from the eyes, about 2" across. I'm washing her face everyday (the photos don't show it as bad as it can be). The tail is no better, worse maybe, it started with a single spot halfway up of hairlessness and now it's gone the whole way down the tail. She got happy tail yesterday for the first time in ages. I'm nearly certain she isn't chewing her tail, it's very uniform. (all just on the top of the tail, all the way down). I wouldn't disagree that she could be hitting it on something that I don't realize but she's not chewing it.

Ugh. Help me chazzers.

I can get better pics if necessary... but see her eyes swollen, her face just looks funny lately, and her tail..


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