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Old 03-09-2014, 04:51 AM
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Default Teaching new things

My friend has a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Lotta, who is one and a half years old. We thought that we would create a thread where we can discuss about her training and behavior. So we thought that we would start by telling you how Lotta behaves in training and which methods my friend uses and/or what are suitable for Lotta.

Her dog is sometimes hard to be trained because she's acting silly. That's why my friend must have pauses in training. There are at least three reasons why the dog is acting silly in training. One reason is that the dog thinks my friend is only her playmate. Another reason is that she thinks she'll get treats by acting silly. The third reason for her dog acting silly is that when she notices my friend starts training her, she gets excited about it. First she acts otherwise same way as a puppy in the video except she barks and might sit.

After this my friend might get her dog to do several times some thing. Sometimes her dog focuses too much on acting silly so my friend doesn't get her dog to do anything at all.

Her dog sometimes just stares at her and waggs her tail because she doesn't get that she should do something else. When the dog is acting silly, it helps when the wanted behavior is divided in small parts and she's always rewarded after taking just a little step for the right direction.
Not always then either it's easy to get her dog to do anything.

My friend uses a clicker because her dog sometimes moves so fast and she wouldn't otherwise have enough time to reward her dog when she does something right. My friend should be able to reward Lotta at that exact moment because Lotta doesn't get that she should do some certain thing. There is only a small window of opportunity in doing so and after that Lotta might already do something else. Besides in finnish "good" might sometimes sound long. That is one reason why my friend uses a clicker with Lotta. Lotta may not always hear a verbal praise and that is another reason because: otherwise it is sometimes hard to reward her dog because she reacts differently to speak and a click.

This is not only about Lotta: Lotta often concentrates on something else and behaves sometimes like no one has said anything and like she wouldn't "hear" anything like those dogs in this video: behaves often that way also in training. Besides, my friend has read for example in here that a click affects differently to brain than words do.

My friend has read earlier that in clicker training the verbal cue is not used before the dog knows the behavior. She has also read why it isn't used before the dog knows the behavior and she just found an article about it. Understanding Learned Irrelevance in Dog Training She thinks that she cannot name the behavior immeadiately at the beginning, because when her dog does it at the beginning, it doesn't look similar as the end behavior.

My friend needs advice on dog training.
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