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Old 03-02-2014, 01:02 PM
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New rear suspension this weekend, next weekend new motor mounts, and as soon as it gets a little warmer outside the frame is getting sanded and painted.

Car is not allowed to die.
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Old 03-02-2014, 02:50 PM
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My 96 Jeep Grand Cherokee had 254xxx miles on it when I sold it (very recently). It had the IL6 engine, and usually they're bulletproof, but this one was starting to die. I think because the torque converter in the transmission was causing issues, and caused engine issues as well.

The 91 Ford Ranger I traded for the Jeep had 205,xxx on it, and was still running when they parked it. It'd probably start right back up if they changed the fuel filter and, oil and jumped the battery off, but they parked it (traded it to a friend) and let it sit. Now the tires are dry rotted. Miss that truck.

Had a '96 Nissan 200sx that was at over 400xxx miles when it finally started to die (the engine, the clutch was still good) and we sold it for like, 1200 dollars. My brother in law is still driving it, but it needs a new engine soon.

My brother had an 88 Nissan d12 hardbody truck. It had 500xxx miles on it, and yeah, things would break (needed an AC compressor and power steering pump) but it NEVER failed to fire right up. I accidentally killed the starter because you had to turn the key back manually because the ignition spring didn't work correctly, but replaced that and it kept running. He actually got a 1000 dollars for it from a used car dealer.

He's driving a 92 Honda Civic DX Hatchback with over 300xxx on it. It's had a lot of work done to it by us to make it a better drive, and to pass emissions here (came from a county with no emissions, so it didn't have a cat on it) and it just had the timing chain and water pump replaced. Needs a cable for the clutch, but it still runs like a champ.

My dads Ford f250 has over 600xxx miles on it. It's a '90s model. He drives it a LOT for work (he's a General Contractor) and he's never had even one issue with that truck. It still has the original engine.

We used to have a Datsun b210. I wanted that car when I grew up so bad, but my older brother wrecked it. No idea how many miles it had one it, but it was such a cool car.

When I get out of school I want to buy an old Z car and fix it up as a race car. Then I'll need to get a truck to haul it to the track.
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