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Old 03-02-2014, 04:58 AM
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So well... I don't know if podencos would be considered pariah type dogs, but there are just too many that end up abandoned or killed every year, when they are a little old to hunt, only for hundreds of them to be breed. It's sad, mostly because the majority of people here in Spain don't think they are good pets. So, for you, this would be a breed from abroad.

What situation did your dog come from? How old were they when they were 'rescued', what kind of environment were they living in (city, village, rural)?
Natasha's previous owner threw her in a little lake with her two siblings. One of them had been hit in the head with a stick, but he's survived. They were about two or three months. Luckily, a local rescue found them, took care of them and we decided to adopt her, a day after her sister had been adopted out. She was living, and keeps living in a small city.

What was their adjustment to their new life?
Just like any other playful, energetic puppy. But she's my fist dog, so I have nothing to compare her to.

Would you consider them independent?

A little, Natasha will sometimes lay her head on my lap to sleep, and she's now starting to ask me to pet her, and she likes being in the same room we are, but she's not a total velcro dog. She has some separation anxiety, though.

What is their play style like with other dogs?
She will sometimes play wrestle, and others she will want to run after other dogs, or make them go after her after teasing them with a stick or something similar.

Are they welcoming of strangers? Fearful? Just aloof?
While I read they can be a bit aloof, Natasha will most times react to a stranger depending on the way we react: if we are relaxed or happy, its a friend that must be jumped over and shown how cool he/she is. If we don't like them, she will be a quite aloof.

Would the average pet owner consider them drivey? What about a sports owner?
Mm... maybe yes, a little drivey, a sports owner may like a dog like her, if you find the right motivator, she will do whatever yo ask her to do. If you don't, well, she will do as she pleases.

What are your challenges with this dog? What comes easily?

Finding treats/toys that motivate her enough is a challenge, but when found, just stick to them and everything goes right.
She's a little insecure and fearful of bigger dogs, though. That's sometimes a problem.

-Owned by Natasha, a podenco mix.
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