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Old 06-09-2004, 03:45 PM
harleysmom harleysmom is offline
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Default Stolen Bichon Frise

9 months ago my mom was absolutely heartbroken. Her 3 year old bichon, Breezy was playing in the backyard for about 10 minutes while my mom went in to check on dinner and when she went to check on him he was gone. The gate was closed and there was no way for him to have gotten out. After putting up hundreds of flyers, and even offering a reward...nothing happened. Flyers at the grocery store would be found ripped down, only within the first week of posting them (even though there was a 30 day period she paid to have them up there.)

My mom assumed someone stole him because he was just the sweetest angel...always wanting to be in your lap and give kisses...just a sweetheart.

My mom's suspisions were confirmed just last week! The oddest thing happened. My mom owns a doll store (about 20 minute drive from where she used to live..she's since moved homes) and a lady with a bichon came in. My mom didn't notice him right away...but the lady said she would pick him up because he really likes stuffed animals (breezy's favourite toys). Well, as soon as she did, my mom almost broke down. It was breezy. (he is very distinct looking as he is MUCH bigger than a regular bichon and has certain features) My mom tried to keep her cool, and was asking questions like when she got him. The lady said she lived in Burlington (a skip and a jump away from my mom's home in Mississauga) and that her husband brought him home about 9 months ago as a surprise.

After asking a few questions (in friendly conversation) my mom took a chance and called breezy's name. He immediately got excited and responded. The lady tightened her grip on him and hurried to the door of the store! My mom couldn't hold back her tears and begged the lady to wait a minute. My mom asked to look at his tattoo as she had his papers right there in the store. But the lady wouldn't listen! Wouldn't show my mom the tattoo and kept saying she had to talk to her husband. My mom couldn't hold her hostage, so she asked the lady to take her business card and to please please call her...that was last week and still have heard nothing.

My mom had the local police over, called the breeder and has done everything possible to see what she could do. Which is, essentially, nothing.

So I'm posting this in hopes that if people do live in Ontario Canada we can get the word out for my mom. I will be posting a pic of breezy shortly, and if anyone knows of a way we can get help or spread this word..or has even seen my moms dog, please email me [email protected].

This is a desperate plea!
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