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Old 02-14-2014, 09:57 PM
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Originally Posted by meepitsmeagan View Post
1. Working bred dogs who run on stock regularly.
2. HEALTHY and health tested dogs.
3. Stable temperaments with semi-low chance of being DA. Raised as pets first and kept in a home setting.
4. Breeds a workable, but nicely put together dog.
5. Communication and relationship with puppy buyer. I want a support system and someone who loves and cares about this puppy as much as I do.

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Old 02-15-2014, 08:17 AM
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- dogs live in the home as pets and family members. i would not buy from someone with kenneled dogs

- knowledgeable about health concerns in their lines beyond the scope of what health testing reveals and transparent about it. i want the OFA/CERF numbers but I also want to know about the other stuff- when I was looking for a BC breeder, those concerns were epilepsy and OCD. when I asked the breeder, she told me specifically what problems had occurred in the lines of these dogs behind them and what problems they've produced in puppies. i want full disclosure. it doesn't mean i won't buy a dog from you. it means that if you assure me there are no health problems in your lines, i won't buy a dog from you because you're either lying, blind, or not paying attention to what you're producing after it leaves your house.

- does stuff with their breeding dogs. specifically the stuff i want to do. i went to a sport breeder because i want to do sport things. i don't care about the conformation ring, but i want somebody who is actively involved in training and trialing their dogs, someone who is investing both the time and the money.

- exposes puppies to lots and lots of things before they go home. that early socialization is so important and something i cannot give, so i have to trust in the breeder for all those puppy introductions to real life stuff.

- breeder will take back the dog at any time for any reason. this was especially important to me when i bought steven because i did not know if i could handle a border collie and wanted reassurance that if i couldn't deal with him, i didn't have to worry what would happen to him.
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Old 02-20-2014, 01:08 AM
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In order, kind of:

Honesty: I want a breeder that is honest about the strengths and weaknesses in their line. I am far more likely to go with a breeder that actually tells me about how the maternal grandsire of their puppies bloated/died of osteosarcoma/had a temperament problem vs. one that says their dogs are perfect. No line is 100% free of defects, anyone who claims their's is either doesn't know their line very well or is lying. I'd rather go with a known risk.

Exceptional Temperaments: no spooky dogs, I want confidence oozing out their ears. Low chance of DA (in breeds that DA is not a breed trait)

Health: Available health testing is utilized, and appropriate breeding decisions are made according to the results.

Exceptional Conformation: I don't want a dog that's going to break down doing its job. Straight stifles make me cringe. I've ruled out some breeds completely because I can't find any lines that have decent stifles (a lot of eastern spitz breeds are like this for some reason). It just. . . *shudder*. Same for flat feet, weak pasterns, straight shoulders, etc. My eye just wants to look at something balanced. It makes me feel calm and happy inside. lol.

Part of the Family
: The dogs are part of the family. That doesn't mean they can never have kennel time, because in multi dog households there are often dogs that can't be loose together and I'd rather they had kennels to play in than have to rotate through crates all day.

I like there to be working and performance titles, etc. But in the event that the health, temperament, and structure are there I'm willing to take a gamble on a dog from unproven lines. That's what I did with Kaia and it paid off. She killed her first coyote at 7 months, and has gone on to bring down several more along with a crapload of raccoons. And she's from hoity patoity show lines too.

Worst case scenario the dog won't do the job I want, at least I'll have a wonderful stable healthy companion for many many years.
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Old 02-20-2014, 05:30 PM
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Originally Posted by SizzleDog View Post
My top five....

1. Health/Temperament - I want a breeder that health tests, as much as they can, even if they have a pretty good idea that their dogs will pass. I want a breeder who produces correct temperaments for the breed.

2. Not a Ribbon Hunter - I don't want a breeder that compromises on structure (or temperament, or anything else) because *incorrect* is what's bringing home the big ribbons at the time. Dont' get me wrong - titles and big wins are awesome - but to me it's only awesome if it's done with a correct dog.

3. Communication - I've come to realize that I need a breeder I can get along with, and is BIG on communication. A breeder should be supportive for his/her puppy buyers.

4. Breed Knowledge and Vision - I want a breeder who knows the breed (and his/her own lines) inside and out. I want a breeder who has goals, and has a plan for reaching those goals.

5. Embraces Versatility - Kind of self explanatory. I want a breeder who can provide me with a dog that can do just about anything.

There is more that I'm probably missing, but that's what comes to mind.
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