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Old 02-14-2014, 07:48 AM
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Default Freya

Wednesday morning, I woke up, put water on for coffee, put Finn out, opened the living room blinds, and went to check on the ferrets. Same routine as every morning.

Porom and Barrett were up and waiting to greet me... and on the top level lay a disturbingly still Freya.

She looked like she was sleeping. It could be that she was older than the rescue had guessed, and either way it seems it was just her time. But I sure wasn't ready.


Her write-up on the rescue site snagged me.

"Well, we can't get her to sit still long enough to really get to know her. Needless to say, she sure does like to run like a mad woman! She's cute as a button and sweet as can be."

They weren't far off. Easily the most rambunctious ferret I've ever dealt with. She spent her first few weeks attempting to bully Porom when I wasn't looking. I had to separate them at first. Funny, because the pair were later inseparable.

All three of my ferrets have quirks, and Freya was no exception. Digging at the cage bars (an annoying rescue ferret trait), fishing kibble out of the bowls, voted most likely not to use the litterbox... etc.

She was always the first to me at the cage door to greet me. She had a funny habit of clinging to things with her feet as to not fall. A ferret with self-preservation! This meant that she got to come to my work more often than the other two - she would sit in my hoodie or on my shoulder while I puttered and I wouldn't have to worry about her falling. She was super social and a big hit with everyone she met.

She had a toy obsession, a penchant for making noise while playing, and a real flair for having fun. She's left a big hole in my heart.

Some photos:

The day I brought her home.

She was so DARK when she was young. Compare this to later photos.

First bath

Playing with her all-time favourite toy, the Cat Wubba.

She had a special... sproing about her.

My girls. BFFs.

Hanging out at work.

This last pic isn't a flattering one, as it's mid-bounce while playing with Barrett... but it's my last photo of her, taken just a few days before she passed. Happy and healthy, but you can definitely see her age in her coat colour.

Farewell, my baby girl. You were an impulse decision and I've never ever regretted you. Thanks for keeping Porom and Barrett on their toes. They miss you. They keep sleeping under the blanket I found you on, and Barrett has been digging and sniffing relentlessly. You've left a big impact.

Say hi to Palom for me.


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