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Old 02-13-2014, 04:00 PM
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Vancouver BCSPCA

Dog - General: $299.00

Dog - Toy Size: $399.00

Dog - Purebred (documented by appropriate paperwork): $399.00

Senior Dog (over 8 years old): $149.50

Puppy (under 6 months) - General: $399.00

Puppy (under 6 months) - Toy Size: $499.00

Puppy (under 6 months) - Purebred (documented by appropriate paperwork): $499.00
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Old 02-13-2014, 04:05 PM
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The larger Humane Society here is expensive on the dog side, usually. Smaller dogs and puppies are usually $300-$400. Seniors usually about $125-$175. All other dogs usually somewhere in the $200 area. Cats are $25-$75 dollars, with FIV+ cats being free. The shelter has a lot of deals that go on, especially with cats. Price sometimes lowered for dogs and cats with adoption fees partially paid or paid fully by donator(s). Sometimes have pair deals as well that vary depending on if two cats, two dogs, or a dog and cat pair.

The county Humane Society out in the country all dogs are $130 and all cats at $75; also lowered if partially paid or paid fully by donator(s).
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Old 02-13-2014, 04:10 PM
crazedACD crazedACD is online now
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Four of my local 'shelters' (very few turn-ins, and mostly import dogs from the south or other countries).

Dogs (1 year to 7 years): $320
Includes Spay/Neuter, Rabies and Distemper Vaccinations, 24 SafeWatch Microchip, Heartworm Test, Wormer and a Martingale no-slip collar.

Senior Dogs (7 years and older): $150
Includes Spay/Neuter, Rabies and Distemper vaccinations, 24 SafeWatch Microchip, 4 DX Heartworm Test, Wormer and Martingale no-slip collar.

Puppies (11 months and younger): $380
Includes Spay/Neuter, Age Appropriate Vaccines, 24 SafeWatch Microchip and General Wormer, Heartworm Prevention and a Martingale no-slip collar.
Puppies and dogs coming to us through our transport programs $425 if paid by cash or $437.25 if paid credit/debit card Adult Dogs 1+ years of age adoption fees range from
$100-$425 (click on individual pictures for adoption fees).
Puppies (under 5 months) $395 - $450
Teen dogs (5 to 10 months) $295 - $400
Small dogs $295 - $400
Large dogs $250 - $350
Mature Dogs (over 6 years) $225
Mature Dogs (over 6 years) $150 with Seniors for Seniors Discount
Our adoption fee for adult dogs includes all the above services for just $375 (a value of more than $570.) The adoption fee is $175 for adult pit bulls and pit bull mixes. For puppies (including pit bull and pit bull mix puppies), our $450 adoption fee also includes a two week puppy class at no additional cost.

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Old 02-13-2014, 04:15 PM
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Originally Posted by release the hounds View Post
I think all of it's crazy actually. A shelter cat should be 30 bucks or less and a dog should be 100 or less. maybe 150 for a puppy.

I know they cost money and when shelters fail and pets are in the street, then society will be forced to deal with the issue. I've run into enough shelters that operate with those prices and make it to know it can work
The cost of living varies widely across the continent, not to mention the cost of living differs too... it uses a lot more energy to heat a building when its below freezing outside than it does when the weather outside is mild. $150 wouldn't even cover the cost of one spay here, let alone the costs of housing an animal before and after (and our shelter is sponsored, so food isn't even an issue), behavioral consultations, enrichment, staff to clean the kennels, etc.

Originally Posted by gapeach View Post
SitStay, do they really get bonded pairs adopted out that frequently?
My local shelter has a similar pricing structure. There hasn't been a bonded pair in a while, but there definitely have been some (more than one) in the two years I've been volunteering. For us they're almost always small, senior dogs, that seem to come from elderly people going into a home or passing away.

Our prices are the same as what RuffianGirl posted (but a different shelter).
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Old 02-13-2014, 04:17 PM
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Local Humane Society

Adult Dogs (6 months +) $290.00
Puppies (under 6 months) $350.00
Small Dogs (<15kg except JRT & beagles) $350.00
Special Needs Dog All $145.00
Adult Cats (6 months +) $170.00
Kittens (under 6 months) $225.00
Special Needs Cat All $85.00
Most rescues here charge $400-500 for any age, any size, any medical history. One rescue specifically states something like "we don't lower adoption prices because we feel age doesn't lower the value of dogs". Which.. it's true... age doesn't lower the value of dogs.. but it more likely DOES heighten the amount of vet bills you'll be paying from the get go.
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Old 02-13-2014, 06:22 PM
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Originally Posted by gapeach View Post
Wow! Our shelter charges $105 for dogs and $85 for cats. The price includes vaccinations, spay/neuter and microchip. The fees are less if the pet is already altered.
Ruffian, what is the definition of a barn feline for a donation? I'm guessing feral.
SitStay, do they really get bonded pairs adopted out that frequently?
They are cats that are not appropriate for house life, could be feral, or a tom that sprays, the cats that just won't use a litter box, pretty much they are healthy, just not house cats.
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Old 02-13-2014, 07:01 PM
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The shelter I worked at and adopted three animals from is no longer operating because of poor management and lack of money but I hear it may or may not open back up next month. Anyway we had standard fees and always lost money on adoptions. People were always complaining about our fees. We went to the cheapest vets in the area and everything we did was well over $200 per dog.

Puppies (8 wks to 6 mos), small dogs (less than 25 lbs) & Purebreds - $125
Adult dogs - $115
I cannot remember cat prices.

All animals came spayed/neutered, had age appropriate vaccines, microchipped, wormed at least twice, HW tested, and went home with a collar and leash. That was more than two years ago now, so I don't remember it all. Most of the time we were letting dogs go for around $60 and cats for $20 because we are such a rural area and had little traffic in the shelter. We were a "no-kill" shelter so it wasn't uncommon for animals to stay for months at a time. When I started working there, there was a senior Labrador who had been there three years. He did get adopted, as did all of our animals when we closed.

With all that said, I was an employee and got both of my adopted dogs "free." I just paid for their spay/neuter and rabies vaccine. My cat was $25 on an "Easter Special." He came into the shelter already neutered and had been there for six months when I took him home.
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Old 02-13-2014, 07:06 PM
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Our no kill shelter charges $125 for puppies under 6 months, $100 for over 6mo. Cats are $75 for kittens and $50 for adults.
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Old 02-13-2014, 07:25 PM
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Our local Humane Society gets attacked on Facebook whenever they post young purebreds with doubled adoption fees. I understand why it frustrates people, but the fact is that people will pay it. Freak out if you want that an 8wk old American Curl kitten or a 1yr old Yorkie is $400, but if you don't want to pay it, find another kitten or dog. There's going to be a ton of people wanting those pets, and long as the screening process remains thorough, then I don't see a problem with paring down applications with a higher adoption fee.

A local rescue does the same thing, and I hear a lot of bashing of them, too. But my foster dog that just got adopted went for the normal $210 adult fee. When he came in, he was emaciated, unvetted, and heartworm positive. He had to be neutered, vaccinated, and treated for heartworm - probably a $600+ intake for the rescue, not to mention monthly flea/heartworm prevention for the 5 months they had him. There was no way they could charge anywhere near what he cost them, especially with him being an adult (mostly) black pit bull (shelters and rescues have pit bulls coming out their ears). So yeah, if they can get $500 from a Yorkie or Poodle (no matter how much they had to put into it), I say go for it. There will always people who think it's not fair, and I understand their perspective on it, too, but I think if you want something less common/more desirable, you should be prepared to pay more for it - or be patient. It took me about a year, but I ended up with a young, purebred, neutered and healthy pug for free via Craigslist. It can happen.
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Old 02-13-2014, 07:47 PM
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As said, shelters will generally increase fees for more "desirable" dogs.

My local humane society's fees:
Adult Dog (over 4 mos.) $80.00

Puppy (4 mos. & under) $100.00

Purebred Puppy (6 mos. & under) $300.00

Purebreds & dogs under 25 lbs. $135.00
Adult Cat (over 4 mos.) $80.00

Kitten (4 mos. & under) $100.00
Adult Cat or Dog $85.00
Kitten or Puppy $100.00
Special Needs Animal (health or behavior compromised) $45.00
Exotic Birds $75.00
All Other Animals $10.00
Senior Citizen Discount 10%
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