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Old 02-01-2014, 12:37 PM
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Exclamation Should I get a new dog or not? please help!

Good afternoon,

I own a female pinscher, she has 2 years and is the baby of the house... I an currently living with my parents and since we got the dog she is like a little princess. I know that the education in that sense is not the best, since it is a little dog, but the fault was mainly caused by my parents, especially my father, and not mine, because I am always trying to teach her how to behave. Unfortunately, my father treats her like a child and takes hear in protection, what makes that my little dog gets then aggressive to me or my mother. He behaves like a charm when I am at home with her, obeying me whenever I tell her sth or she just follows the rules. But whenever my father comes at home, she just wants to be with him, and we can t even touch my father neither get near to him.

So my question is: should i get a new dog or not? I really have this wish to own a second dog, a little more bigger, let's say a beagle or another race, i just don't know how my dog could react to this. Whenever she is in the same house with the dog of my sister's boyfriend, she is always commanding him around and gets jalous whenever we pla with him. We see that she likes him, but still tere is the little sign of jalousy that everyone can notice.

What do u think? Is it a good idea or not..?

Thank u very much in advance,

Best regards
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Old 02-01-2014, 02:17 PM
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In my opinion, I find it normal for dogs to get jealous. The fact your dog is able to be around another dog is a good thing. Whenever your dog gets jealous over another dog, tell her to stop and gently move her away to teach her to wait her turn.

I thought my dog, Buddy, would have a hard time if I brought in another dog. He was/is the baby of the family and I wasn't able to imagine him sharing anyone with another dog. Turns out that he doesn't mind it as much as I thought he would, and he loves having company around. He'll play with Nitro and sleep with him, etc. There's times where both of them get jealous of each other but I just keep training them, it's completely normal for them to act that way. Just be sure to train the jealousy and commanding out of her as much as you could or it could end up badly. Little dogs might be cute and not taken as seriously as big dogs, but it's important to continue training them like you would with a large dog. They can be stressed out just as much as other dogs.

Also the fact that your dog is more your dads dog might make it a lot easier if the new dog comes in and is bonded to you more.

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Old 02-01-2014, 08:52 PM
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I would advise you to first work on her behavior of guarding your father from you and your mother and eliminate any aggression before adding another dog. Most behavior problems are increased by adding another dog, so a problem such as aggression or inappropriate guarding or protecting needs to be solved.

I think if you work on that issue for a few months, especially if you seek the help of a positive reinforcement trainer, another dog would be a great addition, especially if she already enjoys the company of other dogs. She might always be a bit jealous and bossy, so finding a more mellow companion for her is a good idea.
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