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Old 01-12-2014, 10:48 AM
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Default Tell me about rabbits!

We've started to see quite a few rabbits in at work and now I'm interested. I've never owned a rabbit only exposure to rabbits was a friend's meat rabbits that she raised for 4H (they were Californians) and a class pet's rabbit (generic rabbit) that was kept in way too small of a cage and not given proper care, which in turn made him irritable and cranky (he liked to kick and bite). They were never a pet I was really interested in, but now that I've been able to interact with a few more, my curiosity has been piqued! Michael grew up with Holland Lops, and I know he loves rabbits in general, so one may be a pet in our future. That being said, I'd also like to own ferrets again and I do NOT want to own ferrets and a prey animal (that needs floor time) at the same time ever we'll see which one happens first.

I know about the husbandry rabbits require. (Diet, cage size, appropriate bedding, litter box training, etc., etc.) What I don't know anything about is their personality, what having them as a pet is like, and what the differences are in personality for the various breeds.

I have to say, I've always loved the looks of Holland Lops, and since that is the breed Mike grew up with, if we were to get a rabbit that is likely what we'd get. But I've seen a few dwarf rabbits come in to work and OMG ARE THEY FREAKING CUTE. But I think I remember reading somewhere, or someone telling me, that the larger the rabbit the more calm it is? On the flip side, I imagine housing a larger rabbit is much more difficult due to just the basic enclosure size it would need.

So, those of you with rabbits....tell me about them!
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