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Old 12-04-2013, 11:52 PM
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Originally Posted by *blackrose View Post
When he told me to restart the router I did with him on the phone. Afterwards I was still having the same issue and he said, "I'm sorry, everything looks like it is working, call your router company" and that was that; no more help. Which was why I was so perturbed. BUT, good to know that there are actual higher ups that can provide additional help should the situation call for it.
I'll tell you why - it's because Comcast won't give you support for routers. They'll only give you support with their modem.
Next time you can try this - unhook the router and run the cable from your modem straight to the computer. If you have internet now, the router is the problem. If you don't, the modem is where the problem is.

That said after I've power cycled my modem and router multiple times and Comcast is STILL down and I call and they're like "power cycle your modem" I'm all like "okay I'm doing it *files nails*"
"How about restarting the computer?"
"Sure let me try that. Okay powering down now *flipping through magazine*"

Comcast sent somebody out here to fix the cable line coming into the house like six times. The first guy came out and was like "the problem is out on the pole coming into the house." So he was a home tech and couldn't fix it, put in a ticket for an outside tech. Two days later another home tech shows up. Uhhh... you can't fix this bro. He puts in another ticket for an outside tech. Two days later... ANOTHER HOME TECH. This one looks in the system and is like "um, yeah, they keep putting in requests for the outside techs and somebody keeps changing it to home tech." It took almost three weeks for them to finally send the right person out.

Another Comcast fave: when the girl was going through her script and told me "your modem should look like this with a orange light." "It's impossible for there to be an orange light." "When it's working correctly it has an orange light." "No, it doesn't. All the bulbs are green. They only glow green." "It should be orange..." "No, it's like a Christmas tree light. The bulbs are all GREEN. They cannot possibly glow another color." "Oh. I've never seen a modem like that." "Yeah, it's quite old." "Okay so when it's working it will have an orange light!!" *facepalm*


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