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Old 11-16-2013, 05:26 PM
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Default HALP with kennel/room organization

for starters, this entire thing started because i feel that my current kennel is too small for the Miniderp. she cant stretch out in it and it just looks so cramped. her head touches the top :C so the next size up is the 30" tall and 42" long which is bloody gigantic, and now im freaking out how to arrange my room because holy crap stuff. i have a 6 ft tall HDX home depot shelving unit right now, like 3 feet wide and 25" deep, it holds my clothes, misc things like shampoos and dog product, all my food, dishes, crock pot, etc etc. (i rent a room so everything i own stays in this room)
the pile of luggages in the corner holds everything else i dont really use, and i end up with crap all over the room on the floor because theres nowhere else to put it. dirty clothes, dog food bin, space heater, papers, laptop, shoes, bag, groceries before i put them away, etc. it takes up like half the available floorspace and thats DOGGIE PLAY AREA D:
the current Miniderp kennel has a piece of deskboard (from a broken down desk i stole bits from) on top of it that has my laptop, water, plants, basically a nightstand for when im on my bed and need a surface within reach.
i need space ideas that maximize floor area but that still allow all my crap to stay in the room (dont trust the security of the garage or trustworthyness of the roommates). oh yeah thats also cheap. i was thinking a bunch of rubbermaid/sterilite bins in place of the "luggages" so i can sell those or throw them away, and bins are also easier to stack and organize. but then the other issue is that i want a fishtank soon, a 10 or 15 gallon, and iw as hoping to incorporate that into somethign that also behaved as storage, so i dont have a freestanding tank stand taht takes up space without being dual-use. or would an open shelving unit be better, even though its $50 and bloody gigantic? (and wouldnt hold a fishtank)

right now

vague idea?
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