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Old 10-31-2013, 05:05 PM
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Thanks for all of the chiming in guys! I'm really appreciating it.

Luckily there's not much you need to do for a CAT, so the CA titles are very easy to get while you're working on other titles. You just let go... and catch the dog at the end. Simple as that.
Wow. I might have to look into it then! To be perfectly honest, the biggest obstacle I will have to get past is my own fear of letting go of the lead. Shiba owners are pretty much hard wired to fear off-lead situations. And while my guess is that he'd be obsessed enough with the lure, that it wouldn't be an issue, I'm not gonna lie, there would be some serious cotton mouth/sweaty palms/heart palpitations going on right before the run. Admittedly, I need to start some serious work on an emergency recall.

This! When I met Sizzle and Sael at a dog event I wasn't prepared to let Gwen do coursing. Then they showed me how EASY it was and I decided that I should let her have a go at it. Logan taught Gwen to bark like a maniac while waiting and Sizzle and Sael taught me how to properly tie the coursing slip so I didn't like a (huge) idiot when I was releasing Gwen.
This really is making it sound so fun! I would love the chance to see Ringo fly, and I know he would have a blast...

They can be so spectacularly naughty. Are Shiba's that naughty?
A resounding YES! LOL. It's one of the reasons I love them so much. Smart enough to learn whatever you want to teach in 5 minutes...and then ignore it at will.

Joey is very affectionate. While he can be a bouncy nutter butter, he is also content to cuddle up with me in bed while I watch tv. As long as he can be by my side he doesn't care where we go.... unless of course squirrels happen... or rabbits... oh sighthounds. Sizzle made a good point btw... these guys get some SERIOUS air so high fences are a REALLY good idea. For the most part Joey wont try to jump a fence, but if he wants to he can easily scale a 5-6 foot fence with ease. I've seen him jump that high on multiple occasions.
I love the sound of Joey's personality. Shibas are very rarely cuddly (my current puppy is slightly more so than any dog I've had previously). For the most part I actually appreciate the independence. I love *other* people's Golden Retrievers, but I would never own one. That being said, I feel like I might enjoy the Ibizan long as it's not a constant underfoot "look at me," "look at me," "can I help you use the toilet????" kind of thing.

What are they like around other dogs? Sociable? Mellow? Any tendency towards D.A.?

Also, I really appreciate the fence information. I currently live in a rental, so I'm dreaming of the day when hubby and I can get a place of our own with a fence. For the time being Ringo gets a lot of on leash exercise. I am PARANOID about fencing. Shibas tend to be escape artists (some diggers, some spectacular climbers), and I'm pretty sure my husband is convinced that the only way I'll be happy is if we're living in an Alcatraz-style fortress. Hotwire seems like a good idea.

Also interesting to hear about training. I tend to do a fair amount of luring with Ringo. In all honesty, a lot has to do with the fact that I second guess myself a fair amount as a trainer, and I'm constantly wondering if my bridges were timed well enough.

I am LOVING the photos everyone!
Kan-i, Ryosei, Soboku

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