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Old 10-30-2013, 12:25 PM
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Default Eurasiers

Tell me about them!

I know there've been eurasier threads before, but I can't find any within the past year or two, so I figured we might have some new members or old members with new experiences who can chime in.

I love love love most everything that I've read about them, but I haven't actually met one yet - which I would definitely want to do before getting any dog of a given breed. My boyfriend's aunt's neighbor owns one... but the degrees of separation are getting up there, so I don't know what the likelihood is that I'd try to make the connections to meet that dog without being nearly convinced that I was going to get one.

Anyway, I won't be getting a dog of my own right now, but I am getting closer to being a real adult and having my very own source of income (an exciting thought coming from a college student!), and at that point I might seriously start thinking about a dog of my own (could be in less than a year!!).

My wants:

-doesn't bark much and definitely isn't a demand barker (occasional alert barking alright)
-medium-large size (nothing tiny)
-able to rent with if necessary (i.e. ideally not on breed ban lists, though I think I could make do with size as long as it's not huge)
-calm demeanor, but ready to go when I am and able to keep up on hikes, etc... AKA willing and able to be a "weekend warrior"
-no serious DA or DR
-no serious small animal aggression/low prey drive if possible
-anywhere from aloof with strangers to friendly with strangers, but not aggressive or overly timid. I want a go anywhere kind of dog, but I don't need it to want to be touched by strangers.
-hair is fine... in fact I do love fluffy dogs that need frequent brushing, but I want to be able to do it myself
-biddable enough to do trick training for fun and maybe be let off lead with proper training... also a fairly "soft" dog personality wise

traits that I don't mind (that the average person might see as negative)
shedding, normal puppy/dog behaviors that are less genetic, being reserved with strangers (so long as it isn't aggressive), not being a dog park dog (though I want a dog that will get along with dogs on walks and be willing to accept foster dogs into a household), being a bit more independent and not being a constant shadow, having an independent mind (and needing a bit of motivation other than praise to do things), being sensitive to reprimands or a negative emotional state

There you have it - anyone have experience with the breed?

I've also toyed with the idea of a few other breeds, but in parenthesis are my concerns:

rescue greyhounds (prey drive, fragile paws when hiking, and never being able to be safely off lead)
golden retrievers (health concerns, "commonness" (i.e. I love them, but want a dog that isn't owned by everybody's aunt, brother, and cousin) and potentially energy with a puppy)
english shepherds (energy is a concern and maybe noise level)
australian shepherds (energy + barking is a concern)
newfies or bernese mountain dogs (huge size (with regard to renting and doing long hikes), drooling, and short lifespan are concerns)
spinone italianos (don't love the hair coat...)

have at it! Feel free to include experiences with the other breeds listed above as well

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