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Old 10-29-2013, 10:11 AM
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Originally Posted by DJEtzel View Post
I can't believe she's already/only 10 months old! It seems like she was just a little ball of fluff, but she's doing so awesome.

Seriously now, how much do I have to pay you to come teach my dogs some nice heelwork like that, or make a very dumbed down video for me!? XD

Also, hope asking a question is alright. I know a lot of basics to obedience, but since I've never shown or been involved in the training world, I don't know what is "proper" in some cases... at ~:38 in it looks she is almost leaning into your leg so that when you pull your left leg forward for your step, you kind of nudge her. IS that what's happening, and if so, is that "ok"? I ask because Frag does this during his much sloppier, slower heel... when my leg comes back he moves in a bit so I kind of shove him when it comes back forward. :/ I don't think we could ever compete in obedience anyway, but... you know, curiousity!

I think Carma is definitely one of my favorite forum dogs... ever. Maybe I'm just in love with your entire crew.
Lol, Thank you! And ask away!

At :38, she is pushing/crowding. I specifically made this video for myself to see her behavior in heeling when I have the ball in my armpit vs. when I have the ball in my left hand outside her head. I like the pracing behavior and the energy that she shows a little better with the ball in my armpit, but I noticed that she is a little too pushy with it there too. Also, if you look at her rear, she starts to swing out just a tad bit wider than I would like her to be. She has a straighter, more correct position with the ball outside her head to the left. You can tell the difference between that and her heeling at 2:50. It's a trial and error right now between reward placement and the pace of my walking to find the perfect position for her.
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