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Old 10-23-2013, 03:11 PM
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Originally Posted by Gypsydals View Post
I had to go digging for Ivans contract. LOL Keep in mind his is a co-owned contract. It states that his breeder has the right to use him free of charge for breeding to her own girls. Any girls not owned by her she has the right to say no to the breeding. Which I am fine with that, she knows more about breeding, showing and other lines than I do. And with all of that, I did not pay full price for him nor would I have. With all that being said, he is 8 1/2 and has never been bred. She tried to use him once on her only bitch not super close in pedigrees and the bitch had conception problems.
We shall see what puppy contract #2 from the same breeder will be like. I have a pretty good idea what its going to be as we have briefly talked about it. But nothing has been written out yet.
Last year I turned down a very very nice girl from a breeding I really liked. Why?? Because I did not like the strings attached to it. They wanted me to pay full price for the puppy on co-own with 3 options.
1. Stud of their picking and they get her for the litter and the WHOLE litter.
2. Stud of their picking with the litter being split 50/50
or 3. Stud of their picking with 2 puppy backs out of the litter.

No where did I see any of those options would benefit me in anyway. Other than the fact, I would have basically paid for that girl a minimum of 3 times. I just couldn't justify that price tag. I don't mind paying for a dog, but if there are conditions attached to me purchasing the dog, give me an incentive to purchase the dog.
Yikes! :-/ If I do co-owns, the purchase price is flat out halved. That only seems fair. That's what Kaia's breeder did with Kaia and me. Her puppies are too young to be bred and the one that I thought might turn out nice enough to breed is kind of awkward at this stage, lol, so might never happen.

The deal with Kaia was that the breeder footed all the breeding expenses, progesterone testing, surgical insemination, etc. I kept her, took her to appointments, and raised the puppies. We split the litter 50/50. If I wanted to keep one I could have had first pick, but it wasn't a situation to keep a 3rd dog in so they were all placed. She picked the stud with input from me, but then she has tons of connections with people and was able to find a stud I would have never even known existed (he died something like 10 years before Kaia was born. )

How did they want to split the breeding and puppy raising costs? Because that's where it's going to hit the hardest.
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