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Old 10-20-2013, 03:20 PM
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Default Can't take the pee anymore!

Abrams is about ready to drive me NUTS.

Every single time I let him out to pee, if he has even the hint of a full bladder, he will whizz all over my carpet. Every. Single. Time. I am about ready to either kill myself or the dog. He'll come and tell me he has to go outside. Okay. So I walk to the door to let him out...and he starts peeing. ON THE CARPET. If he has to wait even a split second to go out of the door, he will just pee EVERYWHERE. Even if I manage to get him out the door without him peeing all over the place, he'll start to pee as he's walking through the doorway and pee ON MY FOOT. Or the cement. Or the welcome mat. Doesn't matter.

What in the heck is his problem? He's done this from almost day one, and I thought it would get better as his bladder control got better. No. He is six months old and he is STILL doing this. He doesn't have accidents in the house otherwise, and has no issues whatsoever holding it in the crate while I'm gone.

The only way I can manage to get him to NOT pee all over the place is if I let him bolt through the door. Which I can't always do, as my yard isn't fenced, and he can't always be loose outside due to neighbors/loose cats/stupid rabbits/etc. If I take the time to put a slip lead over his head (which takes 0.5 seconds) he will pee on the carpet. If I make him sit or down while I open up the door to grab the chain to attach to him to let him out, he'll pee while he is sitting or downing.

I can NOT keep doing this. He is ruining the carpet. I'm having to shampoo my carpets every few days just to keep it from reeking of dog **** in my apartment.

What can I do to make him stop? What am I doing wrong? Why does he think that this is acceptable? I think a part of it is a submissive/excited urination issue, but he CANNOT keep doing it. My choices now are either let the stupid dog out to pee every 20 minutes, or clean my carpets five times a day. Neither are acceptable.
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